Why the exposure of US torture and abuse serves the Globalists agenda so well.

By David Icke

We are watching the daily unfolding of
Alice in Wonderland. Hold that thought when you watch the TV news. What is, isn't and what isn't, is.

The violence in Iraq may be bad for America, but it serves the Globalist* perfectly by justifying the continued, and indeed expanded, presence of US troops in the Middle East in line with their long-planned agenda for global control.

In the same way, the global condemnation of the torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners is bad for
America, but perfect for the Globalists* that control the U.S. administrations.

But why?

The United States may be the world superpower today and that's precisely what the Globalist* planned for it to be in the agenda for the centralisation of global control -- the planetary Orwellian state of world government, world army, world central bank and a microchipped population under constant survellience.

But while
America is being used now as the vehicle to impose this current stage of the fascist agenda it is not meant to continue as the superpower.

In fact,
destroying that status and breaking the spirit of America is fundamental in the installation of the global dictatorship.

The reason is this: a world government (dictatorship) and a superpower do not go together. The Globalist* dictatorship is meant to be the only superpower and for that to happen the
United States must be brought into line.

The greatest block to the world government is national identity and whether we may not agree with
America's sense of itself there is no question that it has a deep rooted, almost genetic, sense of indentity and national pride. While that continues there is no way the nation will allow itself to be openly dictated to and controlled by a world central government.

Americans and their country are being used to advance the agenda now, but the plan is, not least through a manipulated conflict with China, to destroy the might of both these 'superpowers' so they come under the authority of the Globalist* world government that would be installed to 'clear up the mess' left by the consequences of the conflicts and conquests now underway.

In other words: Problem-Reaction-Solution.

The plan is to use
America and in doing so to break America, economically, politically and militarily. Most importantly it wants to break the American spirit and its sense of identity and self.

So the exposure of the US torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners serves the Globalist* in many ways, two in particular:

It further stimulates outrage in the Arab world about the United States and, as I wrote years ago, the use of their fire power tthe plan is to engineer a Muslim 'Holy War' against the US to 'justify' the use of fire power to set the Middle East ablaze and take over the region.

It eats away at America's, albiet false, sense of idenity as the John Wayne good guys who sacrifice themselves for freedom and justice across the world. Americans torture people? That can't be right, it's those evil foreigners that do that, isn't it? The 'revelation' that the United States 'support our troops with pride' military could commit such abominations is a massive blow to America's self confidence and sense of national idenity -- exactly as planned.

Nothing is what it seems and while we may appear to be seeing the expansion and grotesque __expression of American might and power we are actually watching that power and sense of nationhood being systematically destroyed.