The GOP and the Nazis


The GOP and the Nazis

There are similarities and, no, I will not apologize

By Wayne Madsen

Online Journal Contributing Writer

March 10, 2004




In a number of columns written after George W. Bush's

extra-constitutional seizure of powers post 9-11, I

pointed out a number of similarities between Bush's GOP

and Hitler's Nazi Party. The bombast from the usual

suspect circles was swift and predictable. Writing in

the neoconservative National Review, Byron York bemoaned

the fact that "Wayne Madsen wrote that Bush is

'borrowing liberally from Hitler's play book.'"


Following the same line, The New York Post's editorial

page editor, arch-neocon propagandist John Podhoretz, in

his new book, Bush Country, whined that when I wrote

about Hitler's oratory skills being light years ahead of

Bush's, I was somehow praising Hitler. This is so

typical of the right-wing attack dogs ignore the main

point and fire off a broadside of false innuendo. No

reasonable historian would deny that Hitler's

speechmaking abilities were far ahead of the

syllable-challenged Bush's. Contrasting the policies of

Bush and Hitler following terrorist attacks in their

countries is a legitimate area for historical

comparative analysis. Although Hitler was behind the

burning of the Reichstag, he and Bush virtually tore up

their respective constitutions and began viciously

denouncing their political enemies. Both Bush and Hitler

failed in every business venture they started, until, of

course, they became leaders of their countries in

questionable elections.


The neocon spin machine continues to defend Bush against

charges that he practices the same sort of reactionary

politics embraced by Hitler. On Fox News' Hannity &

Colmes, I was asked to defend my comparison. Guest

Co-host Michael WolffBut you don't see a legitimate

distinction between Adolf Hitler and George Bush?


Madsen: Well, look, if you look at some of the policies,

preemptive warfare, we know that Hitler did that against

Poland. He did it against France; he did it against the

Soviet Union. Trashing the United Nations, that's what

Hitler did to the League of Nations.


Sean Hannity: Don't you see how you're alienating the

majority of the American people with your rhetoric?


Madsen: I don't think so. The way to combat terrorism

isn't to take the United States Constitution and the

Bill of Rights and shred it like Mr. Hitler did after

the Reichstag fire.


The exchange on Fox was prompted by two television

advertisements likening Bush to Hitler that were

submitted in a contest sponsored by MoveOn.org. Cathy

Young, writing an op-ed on behalf of Reason, a so-called

libertarian magazine whose motto is Free Minds and Free

Markets, said comparisons between Bush and Hitler should

be retired. It is interesting that a magazine like

Reason would use the phrase "Free Minds and Free

Markets." Considering that Reason champions the

so-called rights of companies over the Lilliputians of

the working class, that motto is not much different from

the sign over the main gate of the Auschwitz

concentration camp, "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work



Recently, radio shock jock Howard Stern said the real

reason why the pro-Bush and Dallas-based Clear Channel

dropped his nationally-syndicated morning program from

its stations was not because the company was trying to

placate the Federal Communications Commission over

offensive material on the airwaves, but was in response

to his attacking the Nazi and Taliban-like policies of



Stern also suggested that the fundamentalist

right-wingers supporting Bush were organized into

Nazi-like cells. Stern is just one more in a long list

of people who have disagreed with Bush and have faced

the wrath of the Bush storm troopers. Let us not forget

what the creepy management of Clear Channel did when The

Dixie Chicks spoke out against Bush. They banned their

songs from their radio stations and sponsored compact

disk smashing events in the same manner that Hitler's

minions banned books and burned them in huge bonfires

around Germany.


John Ashcroft's Gestapo-like Justice Department has

engaged in definite selective prosecutions of those who

have openly opposed Bush's policies or have contributed

money to the Democratic Party's coffers. Take former

Illinois Republican Governor George Ryan: Ashcroft's

right-wing prosecutors indicted him after he commuted

the death sentences of Illinois's death row population.

Ryan cited police and prosecutorial misconduct in

Chicago and the state capital of Springfield as a major

reason for his decision. Ashcroft and Bush, both

self-anointed born-again Christians, are in love with

the death penalty and championed executions while

serving as governors of their states of Missouri and

Texas, respectively. In 2002, a Purim sermon at a

Washington, DC, synagogue suggested Ashcroft was like

Haman, the evil vizier of the Persian King Ahasuerus.

Haman, like Hitler, plotted to annihilate the Jews and

the two are often compared in Jewish liturgies.


And then there is Martha Stewart, a past generous

contributor to Democratic candidates and causes. She was

indicted by Ashcroft's New York feds after she lied

about dumping her Imclone stock in an insider trading

deal. Never mind the fact that Enron's former chairman,

Kenneth Lay (affectionately called "Kenny Boy" by Bush)

still walks free despite the fact that he ripped off

billions of dollars from stockholders and employees. It

was hallmark of the Hitler regime to accuse political

opponents of the Nazis of committing economic crimes

against the state. The Nazis charged a number of

non-Nazi business leaders with contributing to Germany's

hyper-inflation following World War I. Many were later

arrested and had their property seized. The Nazis

allowed only a few large corporations to flourish,

particularly those that generously contributed to the

Nazi cause. Arms manufacturer Gustav Krupp was won over

to the Nazi cause in 1933 when the Nazis told him that

they would increase defense spending to record levels.

For his part, Krupp led an industrial fund called the

Adolf Hitler Spende. The fund collected money for

Hitler's election coffers in return for special

treatment for German industries. Ken Lay, meet Gustav



On the subject of Enron, it was Lay and his buddies in

Houston who financially raped California in 2001 by

conspiring to raise the state's electric utility rates

to a usurious degree. Who paid the price when California

was plunged into financial ruin? Democratic Governor

Gray Davis, who was recalled in a right-wing financed

election after having served less than a year of his


term. And who replaced Davis? Self-described Hitler,

Nazi, and Kurt Waldheim admirer Arnold Schwarzenegger,

the new Republican Governor of California whose

congressional soul mate, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah,

wants to amend the US Constitution to allow an Austrian

immigrant like Schwarzenegger to run for president.

Where before have we seen national laws changed to allow

a right-wing Austrian to run for political office in an

adopted homeland?


But the neocons still continue to attack those who draw

comparisons between Bush and Hitler. Shamefully, the

neocons keep silent as Mel Gibson releases a big screen

version of the Passion plays that were historically used

throughout Europe to fan the flames of anti-Semitism.

Many religious experts have pointed out that Gibson's

The Passion of the Christ will only further exacerbate

tense relations between Christians and non-Christians.

Not so, say the evangelical Christians and their neocon

allies, especially those affiliated with the Catholic

right-wing secret society Opus Dei and the New American

Century/American Enterprise Institute crowd. Shamefully,

they mimic the capos of Nazi Germany's concentration

camps and keep silent as Gibson's movie fans the flames

of religious intolerance. Worse, the hallelujah chorus

for the extreme right failed to urge Gibson to condemn

his father Hutton's historical revisionist comments that

Germany could not have killed 6 million Jews. "Do you

know what it takes to get rid of a dead body? To cremate

it? It takes a liter of petrol and 20 minutes. Now, six

million of them? They [the Germans] did not have the gas

to do it. That's why they lost the war," the elder

Gibson told a New York radio show. He then suggested

that many Jewish victims of the Holocaust had actually

emigrated to the United States and Australia.


Yet, GOP radio and television mouthpieces like Sean

Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh defend Mel

Gibson's movie while, at the same time, deride those who

would compare what is happening in the United States now

to what occurred in Germany in the early and mid 1930s.

They feel we should just ignore Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Hutton and Mel Gibson, and the foaming-at-the-mouth

racists and xenophobes of evangelical Christendom and

right-wing Catholicism. I, for one, will not ignore what

are indisputable signs that the right wing in the United

States has made a sharp turn into the netherworld of

fascism and racial and religious xenophobia..



..During the 1930s, the famous writer H.G. Wells was

rebuked by the conservatives of his day for comparing

Hitler to Caesar and suggesting that Hitler was a

"certifiable lunatic." Wells turned out to be right on

the money. Those of us who see a creeping fascism with

Bush and his cronies will, one day, be vindicated by the

muses of history.


Wayne Madsen is the co-author of

America's Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II.


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