by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips

Adolph Hitler had the largest number of human subjects from which to work and do his horror on. And it was even accepted by most of the people in his country, that these prisoners of war were to be subjected to anything that he chose that would better his country. Well, MK-Ultra took on the same scientists. In 1947, when the National Security Act was formed, there was a project developed called Project Paperclip. It was a few airlines at that time that were cranked up. Capital International Airlines (Mark holds up a cap with CIA written on – ed.) was one of those airlines. I was vice-president of Capital Airlines for a period of time.

Project Paperclip was the importation of Nazi and fascist scientists into this country after World War Two that saturated our universities, saturated our 400-500 corporations, saturated NASA – it built NASA – and it has infiltrated every aspect of society with its filth! Filth in child pornography, filth in blood rituals and hideous religious beliefs that involve human sacrifice – anything to traumatise the mind.

Most operatives do not know who they are working for. There are over 86,000 of them in this country. Now you divide that by 50 and see what you come up with. This place is crawling with Big Brother. The KGB never had that many functioning operatives in high levels as we do in this country. '1984', George Orwell's book, really was a grim prophecy that has come true.

Most people are saying, 'We've got to stop this New World Order from taking over.' Its already here. We're in it.

Now let's understand who the players are, and some of their tools.

Trauma-based mind-control to develop a totally robotic human being, is one type. Fortunately, it requires a great deal of horrible trauma that somebody's got to put on to these people. And it requires something more that just pushing a button or a console. There is equipment available now that we cannot protect ourselves form. And the amazing part about this equipment is that it is available to everyone in this room. I don't quite understand the philosophy about making pain-field generators and another device called an MDD1, which is uses a dual-coil electro-magnetic pulse system, which affects our cerebral cortex – stops logical thought. You couldn't balance your cheque book if one of these things was turned on nor could you think to turn it off. Any more than Cathy O'Brien could have thought to have walked away from her victimisation.

This is not the 'beaten wife syndrome'. This has nothing to do with the economic situation. This has something to do with robotic mind-control.

doctor Ewen Cameron – the founder of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the lobby group in Washington that controls what doctors do for our heads when we run into trouble…

Cathy O'Brien had been a victim of the most horrendous abuse system known to man. The type of mind-control that Adolph Hitler thought that he could use on certain individuals to put them in positions of extraordinary power whilst having invisible strings – a master puppeteer to their minds and what they said. I don't know if we have politicians like that now or not. Because it seems like you don't have to put them under mind-control, they'll do anything that corrupt members of Congress persuade them to do. I've known several corrupt congressmen that didn't have to be blackmailed with sex, that didn't have to be enticed with money, or drugs. They just simply were corrupt.

You see, a sociopath (called in Britain, a 'psychopath' – ed.) is a very outgoing individual. Leaders. Unfortunately, sociopaths have no conscience, no expression of soul. They do not relate to anyone else's pain except that it gives them pleasure.

MK-Ultra was designed and had many sub-projects for developing the perfect soldier, the perfect espionage agent, things that I was told would cover an area of our National Security that no soldier and no diplomat could possibly cover. No one told me that we were using them as drug mules and prostitutes. No one told me that we were using them for breeders so that children could be provided for sheikhs, world leaders. No one told me that we were using them for money-laundering operations.

Sirhan Sirhan (Bobby Kennedy's assassin – ed.) had the same psychiatrist – Jolyon West [UCLA]– as Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh.