1)      From “The Ultimate Technology”, Global Eyes 2002,, [text accompanying chart-mandala]

“So how do we go about accessing the unseen universe? The first step is to regain your brain from external sources of ‘authority’ and control which use a host of mass-media to persuade us to see things their way.”

2)     “The Age of Infotoxin”, Ad-busters Winter 1995, Vancouver,

“Abuse of mass-communication and the concentration of its control, coupled with the persuasiveness and ubiquity of its technologies, messages, and implicit value structures, operates in conjunction with unconscious, instinctive processes within the human mind to generate an overall psychological condition of unreality, denial, and paralysis.”

3)     “The Genesis of Infotoxin”,

“…the Greek root of toxin is "toxon" which means a "bow and arrow." Etymologically, a toxin is both poison and weapon; this reflects both the alpha, or active/intentional, and beta, or unintended/systemic, dimensions of infotoxin. Infotoxin is not a label or category for specific artifacts of (m.c.)2 but is both an attitude or orientation towards the use of these systems for purposes which run counter to the positive evolutionary forces which led us to develop symbolic communication, as well as a state or condition of disease in the information environment.”

4)     Infotoxin (and related) definitions

ISOCOSM is a theoretical state or condition that human life could create for itself.  This would be a world where everything would be exactly the same:  everyone would look exactly alike, because they would be clones;  they would all dress alike, because they would all see the same adverts and shop at the same stores owned by the same companies selling the same products.  They would all eat the same food, which really wouldn’t be food at all but stuff that looks like food all made from the same chemicals and genetically-engineered plants, which are themselves all identical, thanks to Monsanto!”

5)     “A Free-lance Intelligence Report:  the ‘Big Picture” as I see it now”, June 2004 [written for Sarah McLachlan et al.]

“In terms of what has transpired in America since 9/11, it's just an amplified version of processes that began in World War 2, if not long before. Imperialism is as old as civilization; what we now experience is the latest version of what the Nazi's called the "weltanschauungskrieg", or "world-view attack", implemented by what Aldous Huxley called the "scientific dictatorship." Their diabolically ingenious scientists and strategists were incorporated into the military and research communities of both the US and the USSR, where they had unlimited funding and complete freedom to continue their work…”

6)     “A Free-lance Intelligence Report:  Infotoxin and Psychological War-fare (I)” [written immediately after 9/11]

“We now as a whole essentially live in a virtual-reality matrix fabricated from inter-connected systems and artifacts of what I call (mc)2, or amplified mass-communication. The most salient quality of (mc)2 is that it is a second-order "reality", meaning that it is gathered, constructed, fabricated and disseminated by people other than you. A first-order "reality" would be what you experience directly yourself. Most of what we call "education" is a second-order reality.”

7)     “Earth on the Brink:  We are ALL co-conspirators” [written immediately after 9/11]

“Regardless of who is running the show: power elites, secret societies, shadow governments, "conspiracies", covert networks, trans-national corporations, the forces of "freedom and democracy", or whoever…the fact remains that we are all living breathing human beings on the same planet. We are ALL responsible for what is going on.”

8)  “Introduction to Weltanschauungskrieg” [written September 11 2003]

“With the installation of the ‘son of Sam’ as CEO of America, Inc. and then the ‘trigger event’ of 9/11, the intensity level of the weltanschauungskrieg has been turned up to eleven!  24-7 we are literally terrorized by incessant mass-media pus spewed by rancid news anchors and talk-show ‘celebrities’.  Entire countries are decimated based on fake intelligence;  entire corporations which are proven to be complete fictions go bust, at immense cost to tax-payers;  entire ethnic groups are labeled as ‘the enemy’;  America soldiers showing all the signs of radiation poisoning are said to have ‘pneumonia.’ “

9)  song lyrics Infotoxin and “Einstein’s Brain” (1985)