K. Rubrick Shreddinger Articles


[editor’s note:  K. Rubrick Shreddinger, acronymously known as “the krush”, is the legendary founder of the science of infotoxicology.  Believed to have been an agent of the Galactic Synapse Command, he travelled the galaxy creating awareness and studying the etiology of what he called the “information disorder” in its myriad forms.  Originally from the planet Thalion in the Arcturan Star System, he was a formidable yet invisible presence in millennial Shikastan (Earth) consciousness, delivering highly improbable creative works and mingling deftly with ignorami and illuminati alike.  What follows is a bibliography of known Shreddinger writings.  The titles are Anglicized approximations, as they were written in his native Thalionese;  the texts themselves have yet to be accurately translated.]