"It's all a battle of words, you see, and most of them are lies...listen, son, said the man with the gun...there's room for you inside." PINK FLOYD, Dark Side of the Moon




INTRODUCTION:  21st Century Schizoid Man

OF MINDS AND REALITIES:  The Psychological Universe

A SENSE OF THE SACRED:  Indigenous Spiritual Cosmologies


KOYAANISQATSI:  “Crazy Life” and the “Day of Purification”

DOMINANT TENDENCIES:  A “civilized seasonal disease”?

EINSTEIN’S PROPHECY:  The “Scientific Dictatorship” and the “Technosphere

INFOTOXIN AND (mc)2 :  Communication and the Information Disorder

WE’RE ON THE BRINK…but of what?

“I MUST CREATE A SYSTEM, or be enslaved by another man’s.”






INTRODUCTION:  21st Century Schizoid Man


            We are brilliantly conceived living bio-technologies inhabiting a planetary spaceship of improbable beauty and diversity.  We travel together as passengers/crew on an unending journey through a vast and largely unknown universe of at least infinite expanse.  We have been blessed with countless gifts of creativity;  we have everything we need to be truly happy, healthy and whole.

            So what is the problem?  Why does it seem that so much is wrong?  Why are we on the brink of killing off everything, including ourselves?  It’s as if we’ve forgotten who and what we really are, almost as if we’re not even people anymore.  It’s as if we’re living under a huge spell or curse, a species-wide mojo, that prevents us from knowing who we are, why we are here;  we dwell in the shadow of a “wall of voodoo” so pervasive…and yet invisible…that we’ve come to accept this b-grade surrogate fiction as “reality.”  Strangely enough, this wall has been built by none other than ourselves.

            We go about our days, or should I say “daze”, supporting state-sponsored terrorism by purchasing petrol from trans-national crime cartels, contributing to global ecocide through chronic over-consumption, cooking our brains with mobile phones and poisoning our minds with the virulent pus exuded through the pores of mass-media.  Americans are so deluded that they actually believe their country is a “democracy” and that voting matters!  All of this and more has become “normal.”

            Just like the German middle-class in World War Two, who thought those were the best times of their lives, we stroll through this sub-Lynchian low-grade nightmare oblivious to the occasional blip or scream that penetrates our matrix of intoxication. “Yo, herr fraulein, vas is das smoke over yondern?”  “Ah-so, das is new Auschwitz tire factory!”  If we don’t know what’s really going on, it’s because we don’t want to know!  Awareness can be, shall we say…inconvenient?

            While we have been sleep-walking, a powerful minority of our fellow humans has been hard at work making BIG plans for the rest of us, not to mention for the Earth and all of her life-forms.  Their self-delusion is orders of magnitude beyond that of the average somnambulant;  but we must give them credit for being motivated to try to make their vision a reality!  “A” for effort, New World Order!!!

            We as-a-whole have progressively relinquished our self-responsibility, ever since we stopped growing our own food and educating our own children, and when we started going to church to get “saved” and watching the “news” to become informed.  We have reclined in profound apathy, allowing the “state as parent/God” to run the world…and our lives.  Why?  Because we can’t be bothered.  There’s a big game on the tube!

            Early on, these powerful minorities…we all know who they are, right?...they’re US!...seized on the mass-apathy and herd-like gullibility they saw in the population at large.  Believing these qualities to define “human nature”, they then skilfully devised a full-spectrum of tools, tactics, and technologies to assist in their dream of total world domination and the enslavement of humanity.  This has been going on for centuries.  And they’ve been quite successful, to say the least. 

            Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our last respects to the best friend we ever had, who now slumbers, comatose, on the brink of termination:  the human mind.


OF MINDS AND REALITIES:  The Psychological Universe


            We are psychological beings, first and foremost.  Our minds are our greatest gifts…and our least understood.  Philosophers and scientists have debated for millennia on the “mind/brain” “problem”, and the nature of “truth” and “reality.”  I don’t know that absolute truth, knowledge, or reality is attainable by humans, least of all by English-speaking white people;  but for all practical purposes, we are (occasionally) conscious, thinking beings who have minds and who communicate in many ways, primarily using language.

            Our highly-motivated “us” who wants to rule the world learned a long time ago that, indeed, a mind is a terrible thing…not to waste, but when it is turned on itself.  This in essence is the fundamental premise of all “dark arts”:  black magic, witch-craft, “voo-doo”, advertising, psychological warfare. 

            The reason this works is because, to a very great degree, we each are actually CREATING our own reality every second that we are alive.  We have come to believe that “reality” is something “out there”, separate from us, beyond our control.  But if there is one primary realization of modern physics and psychology, it is that “reality” as we know it exists more inside of us than outside of us, and that we are inextricably inter-linked with the whole of creation, from the sub-atomic to the hyper-galactic levels.

            Everything we know, do, experience and remember happens “in” our mind;  language is what we use to share this with others.  We are constantly engaged in the processes of reality-building and communication.  These are the cornerstones of the human psyche…and the primary targets of those who wish to control us. 

            Our mind/brains are so profoundly complex that little progress has been made towards a real understanding of what is actually going on inside us.  This is, of course, from the perspective of traditional western psychology, which tends to look at other peoples’ minds, brains, behaviour and communication, often with the goal of manipulating them.  Lucky for us, we don’t need an in-depth understanding of neurobiology in order to think or create. Plus, we don’t have to BUY it…it’s FREE!  Each of us possesses the most unfathomably complex and intricately designed instrument of thought and creation…the human organism, which is in reality the ultimate technology!  It’s quite mind-blowing to reflect on what all is actually going on within us at any given moment.

            Many ancient indigenous spiritual psychologies have been inwardly-directed, oriented not towards what other people are doing or thinking and why, but on looking within, pursuing self-understanding and an awareness of what is inside your mind.  Being responsible for your own thoughts, “cleaning house” and fine-tuning;  exercising your powers of concentration and creativity, learning to navigate the multi-dimensional cosmos we are travelling through.

            Science tells us that we exist in the center of the electromagnetic spectrum, which stretches out to infinity in both the micro- and macro-directions.  What is “really” there, beyond the sea of plasma, is a continuum of indeterminacy, or what physicist David Bohm called the “implicate holomovement.”  Neuropsychologist Karl Pribram believes that the brain/mind acts as a frequency transducer, processing selected domains of energy/information from this wide spectrum of potential and generating holographic simulations which we call “reality.”  Our collective reality is constructed from about one per cent of this spectrum.

            One of the best working models for how our mind/brains work was succinctly formulated by John C. Lilly;  this model is equally valid or useful from both the external and internal approach to psychology.  Etymologically, we are in fact cybernetic computers.  Computare in Latin means “to think or reflect upon”;  kybernetes in Greek means “the pilot or navigator, as of a ship.”  This electronic digital number-crunching device on which I now write is just that:  a dinucrud, not a computer in the true sense.

            Thinking and communicating in the service of self-navigation and reality-building.  This is what we are really all about, from a psychological perspective.  Our biocomputers operate at many levels simultaneously, from the quantum-superconducting to the neurophysiological to the reflexive/autonomic to the cognitive and creative.  All of these processes can be thought of as programs of varying levels of complexity;  hierarchies of metaprograms emerge, and at the top, in command, control and communication, is you:   the self-metaprogrammer.

            The vast majority of these programs run automatically, without the necessity of conscious guidance.  This is good:  imagine how much thought would have to go into telling each and every neuron how and when to fire every thousandth of a second!  Yet this IS going on inside us.  Miraculous to say the least. 

            We are awesomely designed biological, psychological, and spiritual beings who in our natural state function perfectly in the “garden of Eden”, the planetary biosphere of Earth.


A SENSE OF THE SACRED:  Indigenous spiritual cosmologies


Indigenous tribal cultures have always lived close to nature.  This is our nature, because we are part of nature.  Naturally.  They live in tune with the rhythms and cycles of nature, the sun, moon and tides, the seasons;  they talk to the wind and listen to the trees.  Shamans and medicine folk are given highly advanced knowledge directly from Gaia herself, without the need for “mediation.”

Indigenous technology is internal and natural.  Communication is not only linguistic, using “harmonic languages” based on the power of sound vibration, but also empathic and telepathic.  Harmony is maintained through artistic ceremonies of song and dance;  art and geometry are expressions of cosmic creativity.  Wisdom is shared through stories and mythologies.

Western society as a whole has lost our sense of the sacred, in nature, in each other, in ourselves.  We no longer have any recognizable coherent spiritual  or metaphysical belief system or frame of reference, to help us find meaning in life;  our “god” has become materialism, our world, the “technosphere.” 

As the forces of industrialism and totalitarianism have come to provide more and more of our external reality, we have allowed them to supplant our spiritual realities as well with memes like Darwinism, which, like western Christianity, has “supported the expansion of the Industrial Revolution, with its unbridled exploitation of the environment for the material benefit of mankind…and affirms this exploitation by ignoring the intelligence, beauty, and purposefulness of nature and replacing it with chemical and mechanical explanations…Darwinism, in one form or another, has been used to justify nineteenth-century political, social and economic systems, such as industrial capitalism, as well as the colonial expansion of European civilizations that began centuries earlier.” (Robert Lawlor, Voices of the First Day)

As culture after culture, tribe after tribe has succumbed to the imperialistic juggernaut, our inner separation from nature and our loss of the sacred has increased in direct proportion.  We are no longer dancing to drumming, but marching to it.


OUR SPACE-TIME COORDINATES:  Kali versus Ahau      


            Jose Arguelles tells us that a calendar is "an instrument that locks the conditioned programs of a given culture into place.”  Modern calendars were created by the same institutions that gave us the Inquisition and the Nazis.  Jesus wasn’t a Christian;  do you think he is honoured that time itself is now reckoned in years since his birth?  I doubt it.  Besides, he never left, did he?  Why are we waiting for him to return? Jesus is love, and wherever there is love, there is Jesus, right?  Love is beyond time;  love is simultaneous.

            I think that Jesus was probably more into the long-term cyclical calendrical systems of the Hindus and the Mayans.  These systems of keeping track of where we are cosmically speaking are based on astronomical patterns or rhythms…not the life of someone who is alleged to “save” us from ourselves! 

            Don’t ask me how the Hindus or Mayans figured out the precession of the equinoxes.  Maybe it was a combination of millennia of astute observations and record-keeping and direct revelation from the Hunab Ku herself!  But this 26,000 year cycle figures heavily into all ancient calendrical systems.

            And the Hindus have the longest cycles of all.  There’s the kalpa, which is a “day” or “night” of Brahma, similar to an expansion (exhalation) or contraction (inhalation) of the cosmos;  a kalpa is trillions of Earth-years!

            Perhaps the calendrical unit of greatest interest to us now would be the yuga.  As I understand it, the 26,000 year cycle is divided into four “seasons” of varying length.  The beginning of the cycle, and the longest, is called the “sat” yuga, “sat” meaning “truth.”  This is the “golden age” where we realize our essential divinity and connection with creation.  The last age of the cycle is the shortest…and the darkest;  this is the “Kali” yuga.  This is a period of war, of terror, of conflict;  of rampant materialism and degradation, when humanity as a whole has lost touch with our true spiritual nature.  An age of illusion and unreality, of deception and toxicity.  Guess where we are now?

            Lucky for us, however, the Kali yuga just kind of dies off, often accompanied by global war and natural catastrophe…but what would you expect from the goddess of death and destruction!  Even as she is disintegrating, the rays of light from the inner sun illuminate the horizon of humanity’s hope, waking us from our nightmare and activating the seeds of love which have lain dormant for quite a while.

            Both the Egyptians and the Mayans referred to this transition period between the end of darkness and the return of the light as the “beak of time.” The Mayans also pointed to their date of, which is 2012 Gregorian as the moment of “galactic alignment.”  During this window, solar and astronomical geometries enhance the divine ascension energies from the supreme deity, the Hunab Ku, which are transmitted into all the stars in the galaxy (which, according the the “electric universe” theory, are actually more like light bulbs being lit up by plasma filaments than they are nuclear reactors!), who, in their turn, send out light and life-giving energies to all their planets and life-forms…or whatever else planets can have!  These beams of radiance can now be felt around the world.  But there’s still a lot of crazy stuff going on.