How Bertrand Russell
Became An Evil Man
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
July 28, 1994
Part 1 (of 3)


See in your mind's eye a B-29 bomber aircraft, called the "Enola Gay," flying to its hellish appointment, that horror-stricken summer's day in 1945. 4 Why did the United States government drop the only two nuclear-fission weapons in its arsenal upon those two virtually defenseless population-centers in Japan? The U.S. government lied when it said this was necessary to save perhaps a million or so U.S. soldiers' lives. Before the dropping of what quickly came to be described in awe-stricken tones as "the bomb," the Emperor of Japan was already negotiating surrender with the Truman government, through Vatican channels, on the same terms Japan's surrender was accepted after the bombs were dropped.5

With that brief reminiscence, we have touched the history of this century at one of its crucial turning-points.

Since the alleged military urgency of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a lie, whose purpose did that bombing serve? One of those whose purpose was served in Hiroshima that day, was a modern Mephistopheles, Bertrand Russell, whose shadow is cast ominously upon both the living and generations of all mankind yet unborn, at the projected 1994 U.N.O. Cairo Population Conference. To understand why British intelligence networks inside the U.S. government manipulated President Harry Truman into dropping those unnecessary atom bombs upon Japanese civilians, it suffices to read Russell's own explanation of his and Winston Churchill's nuclear-weapons policy, in the September 1946 edition of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: "The Atomic Bomb and the Prevention of War."6

In that 1946 report, Russell presents his motive for the continued use of the geopolitical threat of nuclear weaponry by himself, Winston Churchill, et al.: to blackmail Moscow into submitting to an agreement whose purpose, Russell states explicitly there, is to transform the then recently established United Nations Organization into the kind of one-world dictatorship for which his world-federalist utopians have continued to work throughout this century.7

Russell's strategic dogma, as articulated in that 1946 edition of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, has shaped most of the history of this planet since that date. Since Soviet General Secretary N.S. Khrushchev sent four official representatives to Russell in London in 1955, to negotiate a thermonuclear condominium along the lines Russell had prescribed in that 1946 statement of his strategic doctrine,8 until the fall of the Gorbachev government in August 1991, the smaller and weaker nations of the world have been ruled by a U.N.O. world government in the form of a thermonuclear condominium between the political blocs dominated respectively by the two rival super-powers, Moscow and the Anglo-Americans.

For those who know both the approximately fifty-years history of the discovery of nuclear fission and fusion, since the discoveries of both Professor Dmitri Mendeleyev and the Curies,9 the proof exists to show that Russell's intent as expressed in that 1946 article, was the same intent which Russell and his cronies had in duping the United States government into building the bomb in the first place: to produce and use a weapon so horrifying that nations would surrender their sovereignties to a global arbiter of policy, a United Nations world-government dictatorship, the "final imperialism."

Excepting a few, such as the Dr. Leo Szilard,10who was approximately as evil as his master Russell, most of the scientists working on the Manhattan Project were, like the Fusion Energy Foundation co-founder, the late Professor Robert J. Moon ,11 dedicated and accomplished persons, who sincerely believed Russell's great lie of 1939, that Hitler was committed to building a nuclear-fission weapon, and that we must get there first. Russell and his cronies, the true authors of the famous letter to President Franklin Roosevelt which Russell's cabal induced Albert Einstein to sign,12 knew that Hitler was not going to sponsor such research and that the relevant German scientists around Professor Werner Heisenberg were determined that such a weapon not be built for Hitler's use.13

Unlike the misinformed honest atom scientists, the Russell of 1939 pushed to have the weapon built for exactly the motives he articulated later in the 1946 restatement of his intent. World-federalist, utopian fanatic Russell conceived of the development and use of nuclear weaponry as a trick for terrifying governments into abandoning the right to defend their sovereignties by military means. As he stated this purpose in his 1946 piece, he intended to terrify the peoples of the world into submitting to rule by a global arbiter of conflicts, to a world empire, a global, Malthusian dictatorship of the United Nations Organization.

Britain's Lord Bertrand Russell has been, beyond any reasonable doubt, the most evil public figure of the passing century. England's murdered Christopher Marlowe might have said fairly that the Thule Society's monstrous Adolf Hitler was but a picaresque rogue cast as Dr. Faustus, whereas Russell was a true Mephistopheles. Marlowe would insist upon qualifying his observation: "A truly Venetian Mephistopheles."14

Russell personally did not cause all of the evil which has proliferated throughout our planet during the past hundred-odd years, but he was one of the most influential individuals among those who did. Moreover, if one traces out the influences which caused Russell to become an evil man, one will also come to understand not only what went wrong during the Twentieth Century, but many preceding centuries before that.

The Twentieth Century will go down in future history, as the century which is outstanding for the endless monotony of its popularly believed lies. The myth of Bertrand Russell as an utopian humanitarian, is perhaps among the more widespread such lies which persist as generally accepted among literate people who ought to know better. How is such amazing credulity of presumably literate, educated people possible, even up to the highest ranks in academia and even the intelligence services of the U.S. government, for example? We use the case of Russell here as an example of that problem. Reviewing the highlights of Russell's multifarious evil provides the setting in which to supply the answer to the question, "Why are today's putatively literate people so blindly credulous?"

The answer to that question is the subject of this report.

1. Russell and Hitler

Russell played many strings on his fiddle of evil. His proposals for genocide, especially against populations with darker skin-hues than that of the Vril Society's self-esteemed Anglo-Saxon master race, are fully as satanic, and more viciously personalized than his policies of world dictatorship through nuclear terrorism. He was also a savage hoaxster in his corrosive influence within the domains of philosophy and natural science. He was not even truly British; there is not a gram of concern for the well-being of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom in that scoundrel. No notable representative of liberal philosophy during this century, not even such consummately perverse creatures as Sigmund Freud or Theodor Adorno,15 has been so consistently a virtual incarnation of Satan as the Mephistopheles of this century, the evil Russell.

Yet, within each part of the intellectual spectrum which he infested at one time or another of his life, there are still dupes who regard this unmitigated scoundrel as a respectable figure, even a great intellect. How could civilization have fallen so low, that many among the world's putative intelligentsia exhibit such intellectual or even moral shamelessness as to profess what is termed popularly "respect" for such a creature?

Consider a handful of crucial passages from Russell's racialist writings of the pre-war and post-war period; these writings show the true moral nature of the purpose to which Russell dedicated that dogma of nuclear blackmail which he and Leo "Strangelove" Szilard bestowed upon such worthy apostles as Robert Strange McNamara of the Vietnam "body count" enterprise16 and upon self-proclaimed British Foreign Office agent Henry A. Kissinger.17

This writer had reached his present judgment on Russell by 1978. It was a conclusion which had emerged in steps, beginning the 1950's. Over the following two decades, the insistent evidence piled up, piece by irrefutable piece. In 1978, this judgment was shared with a pair of collaborators, who produced a 1980 book documenting Russell's evil nature.18 During 1978-1980, the purpose then was to show the horrifying things which had happened to humanity during this century, things which would not have happened but for Russell's influential, and thoroughly evil role as a self-proclaimed utopian pacifist, world federalist and genocidally inclined Anglo-Saxon racialist.

All of the immediately following quotations of Russell are from a selection provided in one of the chapters of that 1980 book.

Begin with the Bertrand Russell of the early 1920's, the Russell who had just returned to Britain from a stint indoctrinating numerous of the future leaders of Communist China.19 Read the following gem from Russell's treasury of a liberal pacifist's sentimentalities, this from his 1923 Prospects of Industrial Civilization:20

Socialism, especially international socialism, is only possible as a stable system if the population is stationary or nearly so. A slow increase might be coped with by improvements in agricultural methods, but a rapid increase must in the end reduce the whole population to penury, ... the white population of the world will soon cease to increase. The Asiatic races will be longer, and the negroes still longer, before their birth rate falls sufficiently to make their numbers stable without help of war and pestilence. ... Until that happens, the benefits aimed at by socialism can only be partially realized, and the less prolific races will have to defend themselves against the more prolific by methods which are disgusting even if they are necessary.21

In his 1941 Generalplan Ost for the occupation of Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe, Adolf Hitler put precisely these disgusting policies of Russell's into practice.22 So, in 1945, we came to identify the consequences of Russell's empiricist dogmas by such appropriate terms as "genocide," "holocaust," and "crimes against humanity," as practiced in war-time Auschwitz and other locations in Eastern Europe:

In the areas in question we have to push a deliberately negative population policy. With the propaganda campaigns, especially in the press, radio, movies, leaflets, short brochures, educational presentations and the like, the population must be induced toward the thought of how damaging it is to have many children. We must point to the costs which children entail, and then it should be pointed out what could have been bought instead. The great dangers to the health of women which can emerge in births can be pointed out, and the like.

In addition to this propaganda, generous propaganda in favor of means of birth control must be spread. An industry specialized in such means has to be created. Neither the approval or dissemination of birth control means should be punishable, nor abortion. We ought to absolutely promote the establishment of abortion institutes. Midwives and medics can be trained to give abortions. The more professionally the abortions are carried out, the more the population will gain trust in this respect. Also physicians must of course be permitted to carry out abortions, without a violation of his medical oath coming into question.

Voluntary sterilization is also to be promoted. Infant mortality must not be combatted. Mothers must not be instructed about care for infants and children's diseases. ...

Once we have converted the mass of the people to the idea of a one- or two-child system, we will have reached the goal we are aiming at ... .23

On the basis of such evidence, the sole grounds on which we might be prohibited from describing as "neo-Nazis" Russell and such among his liberal U.S. co-thinkers as the Harriman and Bush families' eugenics circles of 1932, is that the ideas Adolf Hitler copied were those of his British and U.S. admirers of the 1930's, such as Sir Peregrine Worsthorne's stepfather, Montagu Norman, George Bush's father, Prescott Bush, and those other professed non-German admirers of Adolf Hitler who authorized and funded the coup d'état which put Hitler into power in Germany in 1933.24 It would be appropriate to describe Adolf Hitler as an exemplary follower of Bertrand Russell.

Even the post-war exposure of the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps did not hinder Russell's continued brazen exhibitions of shamelessness. Read some gems from his post-war writings, his 1951 The Impact of Science on Society:

But bad times, you may say, are exceptional, and can be dealt with by exceptional methods. This has been more or less true during the honeymoon period of industrialism, but it will not remain true unless the increase of population can be enormously diminished. At present the population of the world is increasing at about 58,000 per diem. War, so far, has had no very great effect on this increase, which continued through each of the world wars. ... War ... has hitherto been disappointing in this respect ... but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. ... The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people's.25

Then hear Russell the pacifist speaking in a BBC interview in 1959, approximately four years after Soviet General Secretary N.S. Khrushchev had sent four emissaries to Russell's 1955 meeting of the World Parliamentarians for World Government. The Soviet emissaries had praised Russell publicly in Khrushchev's name, and had opened up subsequent negotiations with Russell for the Soviet nuclear condominium associated with such Pugwash Conference creatures as Dr. Leo Szilard and British foreign intelligence's agent of influence Henry A. Kissinger. Russell speaks in answer to a British Broadcasting Company's question concerning his advocacy of a post-World War II "preventive nuclear war":

Q. Is it true or untrue that in recent years you advocated that a preventive war might be made against communism, against Soviet Russia?"

RUSSELL: It's entirely true, and I don't repent of it now. It was not inconsistent with what I think now.... There was a time, just after the last war, when the Americans had a monopoly of nuclear weapons and offered to internationalize nuclear weapons by the Baruch proposal, and I thought this an extremely generous proposal on their part, one which it would be very desirable that the world should accept; not that I advocated a nuclear war, but I did think that great pressure should be put upon Russia to accept the Baruch proposal, and I did think that if they continued to refuse it it might be necessary actually to go to war. At that time nuclear weapons existed only on one side, and therefore the odds were the Russians would have given way. I thought they would ... .

Q. Suppose they hadn't given way.

RUSSELL: I thought and hoped that the Russians would give way, but of course you can't threaten unless you're prepared to have your bluff called.26

Pervading these and other public utterances by Russell, there are three pervasive themes overall: (1) a racism as virulent as Adolf Hitler's; (2) a feudal-aristocratic socialist's Ruskin-like hatred for modern European civilization; and (3) a utopian's obsessive commitment to bringing about civilization's descent into a parody of pre-Renaissance feudalism, or sometimes even pre-civilized barbarism. No one could miss this in Russell's published utterances such as those famous titles referenced here.

If there were any doubt of Russell's racism after reading relevant passages from his books, one might compare what he published in 1923 with remarks on the subject of African-Americans, supplied in a 1914 letter to Ottoline Morrell, written on the subject of his visit to the United States:

I find the coloured people friendly and nice. They seem to have a dog's liking for the white man—the same kind of trust and ungrudging sense of inferiority. I don't feel any recoil from them.27

His hatred of the past six centuries of European civilization permeates his writings, like the writings of John Ruskin's Oxford-based Pre-Raphaelite Society. Russell's 1923 books, The Problem of China 28 and Prospects of Industrial Civilization, teem with eruptions of his neurotic's petulant obsession on this account. A passage from his cited 1951 book is fairly identified as typical of such maudlin outbursts; he prophesies, that under the influence of his utopian dogmas,

the present urban and industrial centers will have become derelict, and their inhabitants, if still alive, will have reverted to the peasant hardships of their medieval ancestors.29

From the Sixteenth into the Eighteenth Centuries, Venetian bankers shaping the policies of the English government created a new stratum of the modern British feudal aristocrats and financial nobility, of which Russell and his ancestors are typical. It is as the heir to the title of Earl of Russell, and as grandson to that same Palmerston crony, Lord John Russell, who directed the Confederate insurrection against Lincoln's United States,30 pre-Nazi Bertrand Russell reflects upon his hatred for modern civilization, hating the United States of America with that same Metternichean passion to which British intelligence's own Henry A. Kissinger has subscribed over the past four decades.31 The following passage from Russell's cited 1951 book is typical:

... when I first became politically conscious, Gladstone and Disraeli still confronted each other amid Victorian solidities, the British Empire seemed eternal, a threat to British naval supremacy was unthinkable, the country was aristocratic, rich and growing richer. ... For an old man, with such a background, it is difficult to feel at home in a world of ... American supremacy.32

These were not only the ideas of Russell. They were shared fully by the stoutly plebeian one-time head of British foreign intelligence, Russell's crony and sometimes factional rival, the "Morloch"-hating Fabian H.G. Wells.33 These were not simply aristocratic atavisms; Wells was a man whose claims to the social status of picaresque are as impeccable as those of such like-minded wretches as 1932 New York Eugenics Congress hero Adolf Hitler,34 or the Henry A. Kissinger who authored the Nazi-like policies of 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200.35

These ideas were the evil against which this present writer fought during the 1960's, ideas which took over a large section of those youth drawn into the Anti-War movement and "rock-drug-sex counterculture" cult. These were the ideas of pacifist Bertrand Russell and his cronies; these were also the ideas which many 1960's New Left advocates attributed accurately to the New Left followers of the "Frankfurt School" of Georg Lukacs, Herbert Marcuse, Sigmund Freud, Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, Hannah Arendt, and Arendt's former lover, official Nazi philosopher Martin Heidegger.36

These were also known as the educational and related ideas of Kurt Lewin and his National Training Laboratories, and of the National Education Association ideologues steered by National Training Laboratory influences.37 During 1969-1971, this stratum from the New Left of the 1960's was re-programmed by its Reichian and other T-group controllers to become the polymorphous perversity of the early 1970's "Rainbow Coalition."

Many among the now aging relics of the 1960's "rock-drug-sex counterculture" youth movement entered the 1970's as the "Rainbow Coalition" constituency for the Nazi-like population policies of the Club of Rome's defeated first, Bucharest U.N.O. Conference of Summer 1974.38 Today, the ranks of that pre-New-Left generation which successfully resisted the Club of Rome's neo-Nazi population policies in 1974 have been depleted by twenty years' attrition. As the proposed Cairo U.N.O. Conference on Population menaces the last shreds of moral decency upon this planet, the dwindling number of bearers of the moral heritage of European civilization is nearly outweighed by the multiculturalist horde of satanic ideas of Bertrand Russell, Theodor Adorno, and Adolf Hitler's Martin Heidegger.