By Steve Gamble MGCP

For all of you who are dowsers I have an experiment I would like you to participate in. Go into your food cupboard, or fridge or freezer and arm yourselves with about six items of food. The only proviso is the food must have the original BAR CODE on it.  Now take one item at a time and dowse over the bar code itself. Ask what energy is coming from the bar code, is it beneficial to our health or is it negative to our health? Also ask whatever other questions you feel may be appropriate. Be very specific with your questions. When you have finished all the items and are probably somewhat perplexed by what answers you have been given, take a pen and score a line perpendicular (90°) to the lines of the bar code, right through the centre of the bar code itself. Then repeat the process of dowsing. Ask the same questions about the energy, is it positive etc. Now go and do this before you read on. I do not want you to be influenced by anything I am about to write. I want you to find out the truth for yourself. You have just discovered another part of the illusion, which surrounds us all. Yet another way the hierarchy are making us all ill by weakening our defence mechanisms, our immune systems, by putting negative energies into our food and our environment. Yes, it is true these bar codes emit negative energies, which can go into our food and our environment. ‘EVERY BARCODE HAS THIS 666 MARK OF THE BEAST. PART OF THE SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT AGENDA TOWARD THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS TO HAVE EVERYONE IN THE WESTERN WORLD MICROCHIPPED BEFORE THE YEAR 2005. EACH INJECTED MICROPCHIP WILL CONTAIN COMPLETE DETAILS OF THE INDIVIDUAL INCLUDING A PERSONALLY NUMBERED BARCODE.’  Taken from Project Freedom -


It has been shown that every barcode has the number 666, the Mark of the Beast in their design. This is the two longer lines at the front, centre and end of each barcode (see above right). Or has it been shown? Is this just another apocalyptic doomsday scenario created from the fear we have in society today, or does this belief hold some semblance of truth? I cannot personally vouch for this either way. All I can say, is that from my own experiences, which have been confirmed by many other people, is that the energy (light) emitted from barcodes does appear to be incoherent, disharmonious, or what we could call today, negative.

For people who would like to discern this enigma of 666 and barcodes for themselves, please visit the following site -

Interestingly, if 666 in barcodes is relevant, then it is important to understand that the frequency 6.66Hz* has been identified as the specific brain frequency, which is responsible for depression and even suicidal tendencies in Humans. [ *Remote Viewing, Tim Rifat:  Published by Century 1999]. It would be interesting to know if there were a decimal point in the barcode too would it not? Irrespective of whether 666 is 'hidden' in the barcode, simply by scoring a line through the barcode you are effectively changing the energy (light) from harmful (incoherent) negative energy to a more positive healthy energy. Keep repeating this simple check until you are 100% convinced. You now know what you will, or should be doing after every shopping trip. Do not forget your cassettes, your c.d.’s, your books etc., etc., because they are more than likely to have bar codes on them too. Bar codes are everywhere, on our wine, our beer, newspapers, literally everywhere. Quite ingenious this illusion, isn’t it? Well, the people behind it certainly are.