As part of his training, Hitler was alledgedly taken through a monstrous ceremony, specifically designed to totally pervert, twist, and char his sexual mindset, to where he could never be satisfied by normal sexual intercourse again. Rather, he could be satisfied only through Sado-Masochism, where he was whipped and tortured by a woman. This was the role Eva Braun fulfilled. This ceremony so tortured Hitler's mind that it released a steady torrent of rage and hatred against the rest of the human race. You need look no further to discover the real reason Hitler was so inhumanely sadistic, and so capable of the greatest, darkest crimes against humanity ever seen on planet earth. This ceremony had the effect of "Being Smooth Between The Legs", a psychological wounding that had the effect of mental castration.

In the book, Satan and the Swastika, Francis King says: " Hitler's public appearances, particularly those associated with the Nazi Party's Nuremburg rallies, were excellent examples of this sort of magical ceremony. The fanfares, military marches, and Wagnerian music, all emphasised the idea of German military glory. The mass swastika banners in black, white and red, filled the consciousness of the particaipants in the rally with national socialist ideology. The ballet-like precision of the movement of the uniformed party members, all acting in unison, evoked from the unconscious, the principles of war and violence which the ancients symbolised as Mars. And the prime ritual of the rallies - Hitler clasping to other banners, the 'blood banner' carried in the Munich Putsch of 1923 - was a quasi-magical ceremony designed to link up with minds of living Nazis with the archetypal images symbolised bt the dead national socialist heroes of the past. The religio-magical aspects of the rallies were emphasised by the fact that their high points were reached after dusk and took place in a 'Cathedral of Light' - an open space surrounded by pillars of light coming from electric searchlights pointed upwards to the sky. If a modern ritual magician of the utmost expertise had designed a ritual intended to 'invoke Mars' he could not have come up with anything more effective than the ceremonies used at Nuremburg.

Hitler's Death

Dachau....Hitler's personal devotion to occult principles was proven ultimately by his self-inflicted death. His choice of April 30 for his suicide may well have been meant as a sacrifice; it was the eve of Beltane (known in Germany as Walpurgisnacht), identified on popular Wiccan websites as a Druid feast in honor of the deity Bel. In witchcraft, this "power-point" day is regarded as a "great sabbat" equal in potency to Halloween. According to Wiccans, Bel is derived from the Canaanite Baal; but Helena Blavatsky goes farther in "The Secret Doctrine"(vol.2), reconstructing an astrological trinity of Bel/Baal (sun-god, father), Christos (Mercury, son) and Lucifer (Venus, holy spirit). As for Hitler's suicide itself, this was not a cowardly act from an occultist viewpoint, but rather an honorable practice known among the Druids, as well as among the Cathari "Perfects", those medieval guardians of the Grail, who called it the rite of "Endura". A curious requirement of the "Endura" was that it was always to be done by pairs of intimate friends, a detail known by the Nazis which makes sense of Hitler's joint suicide with his new wife Eva Braun. Incidentally, Hitler's associates Karl Haushofer and Goebbels also killed themselves in ceremonial fashion along with their wives.s.

Magic and reality....

Inextricably entwined into the art of magic is the langauage of 'Symbolism'.
Every day, you will see hundreds of symbols on buildings, on television, in newspapers and magazines which are created to literally hypnotise us into buying their products, or believing what they are displaying. This is 'Symbolism'. A metaphysical power. Today, commercial advertising is the greatest use of the 'language' of symbolism at work.
Advertising delves into the subconscious as well as the conscious and plays upon the knowledge of how we react to different images, colours and sounds. Each image, colour, sound, smell or feel carry with them, different frequencies and vibrations which manifest suggestions of particular things to us.
This is how we say that "red is a warm colour" or how a musical minor chord sounds 'sad' and a major chord sounds 'happier' - they are merely carrying energy vibrations, to which we perceive and then respond to. Through the media we are repeatedly told 'facts' which we eventually believe. This is because human beings will believe something if they are told again and again. If they don't believe the facts, then the pressure of others around them who have accepted the 'facts', will force them to eventually accept the given information, otherwise they will be seen as 'different' or 'anarchic', then they become isolated.

Magical images are being used as corporate logos.

The Health Services and The CadaceusExxon, The Cross of Lorraine and The Knights TemplarSt. John Ambulance and The Black SunColumbia, Liberty and The Eternal FlameMI5 and The Eye of HorusTexaco, The Tau Cross and The Pentagram

Is someone aware of what the meanings are, of the symbols they have chosen as their corporate, or representative emblem? Or were the symbols chosen with ignorance of their meaning?

The Swastika
The Nazi symbol of the Swastika, or Svastika is an ancient symbol. It is a symbol of the sun. Hitler wrote in 'Mein Kampf'; "the new flag had to be equally a symbol of our own struggle, since on the other hand it was expected also to be highly effective as a poster...."
He also wrote, "A symbol it really is! In red we see the social ideal of the movement, in white the nationalist idea, in the swastika is the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man."

Hitler and the Nazi Party used symbolism like no other political regime before - they used it directly and with no pretentions. They believed Nazism was the ideology to construct an entire New World Order. This cause is the legendary, magical 'Great Work'.
The ideal of Order out of Chaos was reversed, whether intentionally or not. The intentions of ORDER ended as CHAOS as the jackboots of fascism stamped on the faces of ordinary people.
Is it possible that the chaotic result was intentional? For out of CHAOS can come ORDER. Was the Nazi Party playing the ancient role of 'Apophis The Destroyer' from the magical formula of IAO from the Egyptian mystery school teachings ?
Isis (the mighty mother, or the 'old ways'), followed by Apophis (the Destroyer), resulting in Osiris (a new 'order' which is only made possible by the process of death)....

What began perhaps with intentions of ORDER ended as CHAOS. Like so many regimes before and if history is anything to perceive a pattern of behaviour by, it will be like so many more to come.