“The U.S. is officially committed to what is called
low-intensity warfare.’  That’s the official
doctrine.  If you read the standard definitions of
low-intensity conflict and compare them with official
definitions of ‘terrorism’ in army manuals, or the
U.S. Code, you find they’re almost the same. 
Terrorism is the use of coercive means aimed at
civilian populations in an effort to achieve
political, religious, or other aims.  That’s what the
WTC attack was, a particularly horrifying terrorist
Terrorism, according to the official definitions, is
simply part of state action, official doctrine, and
not just that of the U.S., of course.”
“During the past several hundred years, the U.S.
annihilated the indigenous population (millions of
people), conquered half of Mexico (in fact,
territories of indigenous peoples, but that is another
matter), intervened violently in the surrounding
region, conquered Hawaii and the Philippines (killing
hundreds of thousands of Filipinos) and, in the past
half century particularly, extended its resort to
force throughout much of the world.  The number of
victims is colossal.  For the first time, the guns
have been directed the other way.  That is a dramatic
Chomsky, September 11