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"Ceremonial magic is the ancient art of invoking and controlling spirits by a scientific application of certain formulae. A magician, enveloped in sanctified vestments and carrying a wand inscribed with hieroglyphic figures, could by the power vested in certain words and symbols control the invisible inhabitants of the elements and of the astral world. While the elaborate ceremonial magic of antiquity was not necessarily evil, there arose from its perversion several false schools of sorcery, or black magic…MANLY P. HALL



"Nothing can be left to chance.  To be effective, an intervention in the media must be thorough, careful, persistent, and extravagant.  It must be capable of penetrating the minds of the audience at the subconscious, as well as the conscious level.  It must systematically create an illusion on a massive scale..."
Information Project For Africa  


Master mind controllers are hard at work everyday maintaining controls over our essential lives.


   The behavioral sciences have been developed to a very great extent within the United States as methods of re-enslaving the mass of us towards actions and lifestyles not of our own choosing.  A large group of highly trained and well-financed social scientists have been quietly perfecting methods to probe deep into the minds of various target communities.  What they have found about how our minds work is absolutely amazing.

     The ultimate course of some of these mind controllers could very well be to neutralize us as viable and identifiable communities--I have collected and examined certain documents that state that very point.  Therefore it is in the interests of our very survival that we commit the time and effort to raise within our midst a collective of behavioral scientists and social engineers that can guide our people toward group successes. 

     In the course of resisting tyranny one must sometimes employ fire to fight fire; match wit for wit; and use violence to end violence.  In any case, it will be necessary to master the tools that are applicable for the particular task at hand.  This is why we must study the origins of motivational research.


With these studies you will definitely improve your people management skills as well as learn to resist subtle manipulation. Available on audiocassette or video (segments 1,2, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 only). For ordering information see our catalog.

Now you can have the skills to fight back!

1. MIND CONTROL: This is a broad overview of behavioral techniques from brainwashing to hip hop videos, religious cult programming, mind control technology and population control.


2. THE SCIENCE OF COMPLIANCE: There are six automatic responses that we have been programmed to comply with.

3. THE ORIGINS OF MOTIVATIONAL RESEARCH: Beginning in the 1930s social scientists & marketers joined forces to develop new methods of selling us, thus creating this consumer culture.


4. PAVLOV'S DOGS: The seminal research work of the famed Russian behavioral science & the complex role of the reflex arc.


5. SOCIAL STRESS & ANXIETY: How we have all become susceptible to mind control within this highly stressful society.


6. B.F. SKINNER: DESIGNING CULTURE: "Beyond Freedom & Dignity" served as a great understanding of social manipulation.


7. HYPNOTISM FOR THE MASSES: How transformational language was developed as a means of hypnotizing any of us.


8. VIRTUAL REALITY IS IN EFFECT: The takeover of our "real" lives by the mass media ushered in a new era of virtuality.


9. HOW YOUR MIND WORKS: A broad overview of how these techniques are now applied toward our own self-interests covering the "reflex arc."


10. PROPAGANDA: The development of "ideological communications" as means of convincing us beyond our true will.


11. THE HIDDEN PERSUADERS: Revisiting the seminal 1957 book on subliminal manipulation by Vance Packard. View on video


12. PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY: Using the knowledge gained from Igor Pavlov's "Lectures on the Conditioned Reflex" we put together strategies for controlling our minds as well as those of others.