4 Dec 93 17:31 John Covici: The British Racists Behind America's
School Reforms: part 2 Tavistock mass murderers are brainwashing
your children
by Scott Thompson and Jeff Steinberg
In a quiet suburb of London, sits a complex of buildings known as
the Tavistock Center, devoted to the ``study'' of what are called
``human relations.'' From this relatively obscure location, an
invisible army of social engineers, psychiatrists,
psychoanalysts, psychological warfare experts, and brainwashers
has been spawned and is deployed, which is responsible for much
of the evil that has been done in the world over the last several
decades. This network is behind the mass slaughters of the
Bosnian and Croatian peoples in the Balkans (see {EIR,} Feb. 12,
1993). It was also responsible for the drug-rock-sex
counterculture. And for more than last half-century, Tavistock
and its global network have been behind the so-called educational
reform movement whose conscious aim has been to destroy the minds
of children and to turn them into docile slaves, incapable of
creative and independent thought.
    Founded in 1921, the Tavistock Clinic, as it was then known,
has served as the psychological warfare arm of the British
monarchy and has benefitted from the patronage of that monarchy
and allied oligarchical networks. It has always enjoyed a close
working relationship with the highest circles of Freemasonry: The
current chairman of the center's board of directors is Queen
Elizabeth II's cousin, the Duke of Kent, who is Grand Master of
the United Grand ``Mother Lodge.''
    Like its patrons, Tavistock and its operatives are committed
to destroying western Judeo-Christian civilization. At the center
of its decades-long fight is its battle to wipe out the view of
man as born in the image of the Creator, in the unique sense that
each individual is endowed with the potential for creative
reason. The ``paradigm shift'' that Tavistock seeks would reduce
all men to beasts, easily controllable by the oligarchy and their
anointed psychological shock troops, deployed through the
extended Tavistock network.
    It is toward that end that Tavistock has designed the
brainwashing methods employed in so-called educational reforms
like outcome-based education, the World Core Curriculum, and
global education. Key to these reforms is the concept that
teachers are no longer responsible for imparting knowledge and
truth. Instead, their function has been changed to something akin
to a therapist: They make a psychological intervention into the
minds of children, shaping their personality, values, and
attitudes. In the current jargon they are called ``facilitators''
or ``change agents,'' but they are more properly called
therapists. The class has become the equivalent of a group
therapy session, employing the methods for controlling and
manipulating small groups first developed by the Tavistock
networks before World War II. At the time, they were known to be
methods for what was called ``soft brainwashing,'' the
manipulation of a person's mind without resorting to torture and
drugs. The effects are the same as hard brainwashing: Victims, in
this case defenseless children, have their minds cleansed of
certain ideas and values, and other values are substituted.
    The group dynamics techniques incorporated into various New
Age educational reforms use the stock and trade of the Tavistock
method: the creation of a controlled environment (the classroom)
in which the group (the class) is forced to operate. That
controlled environment is manipulated by the group leader (the
teacher or facilitator) to introduce {tension}. The group leader,
who has an ultimate goal in mind, targets individual members of
the group, using peer pressure from other group members and,
sometimes, ridicule and other forms of manipulation, to force the
group toward a desired consensus belief structure.
    This methodology, which is totally devoid of appeal to
reason, stifles those individuals who are most creative, forcing
them ``back into the group.'' Group dynamics, as practiced in the
various educational reforms, is thus destructive to creativity.
It can also be used to turn children against their parents and
their parents' values, substituting the consensus of the group,
imposed by the group leader, for the values of the family. The
group or class or school, in this case, is thus made into a
substitute for the family and church.
    Through repeated sessions, or classroom experiences, often
augmented through the inducement of hypnotic states, the young
victims are turned into Satanists, mirroring the evil minds of
their controllers. Group dynamics teaches, or more precisely, {
preaches} the following mind-bending concepts:                   
    1) An emphasis on ``inner felt needs.'' This is accomplished
through ``holistic brain centering,'' which includes hypnosis, to
induce a state in which the mind appears to travel outside the
body: a process known in the occult as ``astral projection.''
Many group therapists say that cognitive processes of reasoning
are ``dead.''
    2) Non-verbal communication, involving body movement, is
considered preferable to language.
    3) Group discussion and physical exercises emphasize bodily
sensuality, including sexuality, and group ``pairing.'' The
emphasis upon promiscuity not only was essential to the launching
of the New Age rock-drug-sex counterculture, but it also
contributed to breaking down resistance to the introduction of
polymorphous ``sex ed'' classes, starting with elementary school.
It is not accidental that the spread of the group dynamics
movement in the United States started with the discovery of
hallucinogenic drugs in the 1940s, and expanded with their
broader use.
    4) Emphasis on the ``here and now,'' thereby cutting off the
participant from 15,000 years of known history and knowledge of a
transfinite process of future progress.
    In this way, the educational reforms are turning our children
into monsters.
               - The Tavistock `mother' -
    As we stated, all of this evil can be traced back to a
    From its founding in 1921, Tavistock barely concealed its
mission. {{Brig. Gen. Dr. John Rawling Rees,}} who became the
director of the Tavistock Clinic in 1932 and later founded the
Tavistock Institute, called for the creation of an army of
``psychological shock troops,'' who would become the controllers
of a society ``where it is possible for people of every social
group to have treatment when they need it, {even if they do not
wish it}, without it being necessary to invoke law.'' In Rees's
view, the therapist had the right, and the duty, to impose his
judgments and will upon the masses of people who failed to see
the value of the proposed therapy.
    In the beginning, Tavistock was the bastion of Freudian
psychology in England. It was known in the 1920s as the ``Freud
Hilton,'' and later became the residence of Sigmund Freud's
daughter, Anna, herself a leading child psychologist. But Rees's
vision of the clinic was not as some academic ivory tower or even
as a therapuetic community. He was deadly serious about building
his army of ``shock troops.'' Thus he recruited to Tavistock a
number of like-minded people, representing all variants of
Freudian and neo-Freudian psychology. In the course of the 1930s,
he recruited an extended network in Europe and the United States,
and started to coordinate projects on both sides of the Atlantic.
His recruits fanned out into other institutions: hospitals,
clinics, and especially universities. They established new
institutional centers at such places as the Wharton School of
Finance and Business Administration at the University of
Pennsylvania, the Institute for Social Research at the University
of Michigan, the Stanford Research Institute's Center for
Advanced Behaviorial Sciences, the Sloan School at Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, to name but a few of the most important
    These centers in turn spawned other institutes, including
such places at the National Training Laboratories (NTL) and the
Esalen Institute, which have played a crucial role in designing
and implementing New Age educational reforms.
    Rees transformed the small Tavistock Clinic into an institute
in 1947, to make it better capable of coordinating and deploying
its now far-flung network.
    Tavistock has always had a focus, dictated by its
oligarchical patrons, in controlling and manipulating skilled
workers. Some of its earliest government-funded projects involved
the use of group psychology to induce speed-up on the assembly
line, through the creation of ``worker autonomous groups.'' These
groups were in turn deployed to undermine trade union structures,
often supplanting those structures. Through intervention with
group dynamics techniques into a national coal strike, into
chemical plants and textile mills, and so forth, Tavistock
refined this concept, which became known as ``co-participation,''
and is otherwise known as ``fascism with a human face.'' In
Europe, people trained by Tavistock introduced this form of
fascism under names like ``The Swedish Way'' and {autogestion}.
    The current educational reforms remain, at the core, a plan
to create a pliant slave labor force out of the majority of the
students. Rees, mirroring those freemasonic masters who deployed
him, held a racialist view of society identical in almost all
aspects to such notorious later racist theorists as Arthur
Jensen. The vast majority of human beings were considered to be
beasts, who needed to be ruled over by a combination of an elite
and psychological shock troops, who would serve as controllers.
Among these beasts, there were racially and genetically defined
minorities, whom Rees called the ``psychopathological tenth'' of
the population or the ``dullards,'' who were often ``colored.''
Their population levels had to be reduced, said the genocidalist
Rees. Wrote Rees in his 1945 book, {The Shaping of Psychiatry by
War,} ``Aldous Huxley in his book {Brave New World} was planning
to produce a section of subnormal men who do the dull jobs of
society; we don't need to produce more of them, for there are far
too many already.''
    It should not be surprising that the British ruling circles
deployed Tavistock operatives for liaison with like-minded Nazis.
When Nazi Deputy Reichsfu@auhrer Rudolf Hess flew to England in
1941, not only to say that the Nazis would not invade, but to
propose a British alliance with Germany against Russia, he was
handled by Tavistock.
    During World War II, Rees pulled strings to create the
Directorate of Army Psychiatry. He had {{Henry Dicks,}} who had
handled the Hess case, seconded to this unit, concentrating upon
psychological warfare. Other Tavistock members helped lead the
Psychological Warfare Division of the Supreme Headquarters,
Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF). Their ambition was ``to out-
Goebbels Goebbels.'' After World War II, Tavistock personnel, led
by {{Eric Trist,}} built a community for returning prisoners of
war, employing drug-induced abreaction techniques. Other
Tavistock psychiatrists were part of the process headed by
Ditchley Park to ``de-Nazify'' Germans and instill permanent
``collective guilt'' in the German population.
    Tavistock first made contact in the 1930s with {{Kurt Lewin,}
} the man who is credited as the father of ``group dynamics'' and
whose Research Center for Group Dynamics at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology gave birth to the NTL in 1947. With the
founding of NTL, Tavistock sent two of its top group dynamics
brainwashers to the United States, {{Elliot Jacques}} and {{W.R.
Bion.}} Bion was then Tavistock's leading group theoretician, and
he had been influenced by Melanie Klein (a prote@aage@aa of Anna
Freud), a child psychologist who trained many Tavistock leaders.
Since NTL's founding, there has been a regular exchange between
its staff and that of Tavistock.
    The next generation of Tavistock leaders sent to work with
NTL was led by Eric Trist, who was sent to the United States to
control the network there, and {{Harold Bridger.}} The latter has
developed a new group theory based upon his work with such
founders of political correctness as French deconstructionist {{
Jacques Derrida.}} According to Bridger, a group cannot make and
carry out plans for the future until its ``ghosts from the past''
are brought out and examined for their political correctness. At
present, Bridger, who has taught the Tavistock Workshop at NTL's
Bethel, Maine retreat since 1970, is working with the North
American consultant of the genocidal Club of Rome and with the
NTL to use group dynamics sessions to win passage of the North
American Free Trade Agreement and then the Uruguay Round of the
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).
    While Tavistock was involved for decades in the development
of the social engineering techniques now widely applied in the U.
S. public school system, since 1988 it has also been directly
involved in the re-tooling of the British education system. With
a @bp1 million start-up grant from the Thatcher government,
administered by Minister of Labor Lord Young, Tavistock launched
the Enterprise in Higher Education, a university-based training
program adopting the ``tracking'' methods of education theorist
John Dewey to the higher education curriculum. Tavistock
evaluation team member {{Elizabeth Sommerlad}} told {EIR} that
the Enterprise program is similar to some of the experimental
programs launched in the United States by the New American
Schools Development Corp. (NASDC), especially those involving
collaboration between the corporate world and the schools. Under
the Enterprise program, students at 88 British universities are
being trained in classrooms using Bion's leaderless group
techniques; they are regularly profiled through computerized
``student learning profiles,'' which will be made available to
prospective employers.
    As another feature of the Enterprise program, Tavistock has
developed a ``multi-media, interactive data base,'' which is
conveyed by ``telematics,'' to establish a British tutorial
system on the European continent for schools and industry. In
brief, like NTL and Esalen in the United States, Tavistock is
wrecking the British educational system and moving on to destroy
that on the continent.
                 - Kurt Lewin and NTL -
    The National Training Laboratories grew out of Kurt Lewin's
MIT-based group dynamics center in 1947, which was launched the
year Lewin died. Almost from its inception until 1968, NTL was an
arm of the National Education Association (NEA), focused on
transmuting certified teachers into ``facilitators.'' Although
NTL continues this work when states fund the project, it has
branched out into using group dynamics with corporate management
and employees, as well as having a multitude of workshops on
feminism, multiculturalism, ecology, and such topics.
    In recent years, both Tavistock and NTL have become more
openly infused with New Age and even satanic theories. NTL, in
particular, has brought in a host of satanic Jungian
psychiatrists, students of eastern mysticism, and members of the
``human potential'' movement, to bring about this change.
    While the penetration by NTL into the teaching profession has
fallen off in recent years, the impact is still devastating.
There are now an estimated 400 NTL operatives working in
educational and corporate positions in the United States alone,
according to NTL's published literature. And NTL offers 50
different sensitivity training courses that are given an
estimated 110 times per year on such ``politically correct''
topics as: Centering for Individual and Professional Development;
Personal and Professional Development for Women; Development of
Highly Performing Culturally Diverse Organizations; Diversity
Across Gender, Race, and Nationality: A Look Into the Future;
Power: How to Create It, Keep It, Use It; and Creating Change for
a Sustainable Environment. All of these areas represent core
components of OBE and World Core Curriculum; NTL administrator {{
{Axel Vogt}} acknowledges that large numbers of teachers and
educational administrators still participate in these group
sessions, despite the formal break between NTL and NEA.
    The core of what became NTL goes back to work done shortly
after Lewin's arrival in the United States in the 1930s at New
Britain Teachers College, where he led a group of educators
toward eventual development of the ``T-group'' and encounter
group. Among the main non-educational participants were the
American Jewish Committee, which was then the safe haven for such
Frankfurt School members as Communist International
(Comintern)/Lucy espionage network member Max Horkheimer and
Theodor Adorno.
    Lewin's staff consisted of {{Kenneth Benne, Leland Bradford,}
} and {{Ronald Lippitt}} from Lewin's MIT center, who would go on
to run NTL. Benne had studied under the pro-communist educational
theorist John Dewey, whose theory of pragmatism rejected reason
and universal ideas. Lippitt was influenced by the ideas of Jacob
Moreno, who developed an encounter group theory in 1912 before
inventing psychodrama theater, where a patient expressed his
inner feelings toward family figures on a stage.
    Lewin, while in Vienna, was an associate of Comintern
operative Karl Korsch. It was during this time that he developed
his theory of the psychological field and the concept of
topological psychology which infuses the Tavistock method.
According to Lewin, all psychological phenomena occur in what is
called a ``life space.'' This is composed of two fields--the
``environment'' and the ``self.'' Behavior, said Lewin, is a
mathematical function of the life space and the environment. If
this held true for an individual, it would also hold true for a
group. A leader or therapist could control the group environment,
and ultimately produce the desired behavior.
    While Lewin fumbled about trying to make topological and
mathematical representations of this, others, including Bion and
Rees, realized that he had discovered something quite useful for
their purposes--and quite evil. If one could remove all outside
influence on the group, and assuming that a person had a defined
and recognizable personality, by manipulating the environment
within the group, you could control or alter behavior. It could
be done not only in small group situations, but in larger groups
as well.
    This was taken by Lewin, and later Trist and others, another
step. By further manipulating the environment through the
application of tension, one could also not only change behavior
within the group, but alter the personality of each individual
participant. A person's identity could be changed.
    In experiments during this same time period, Lewin
``discovered'' that if the tension were sufficient, then each
individual within the group would undergo a {regressive}
personality change. This process was later elaborated by another
Tavistock brainwasher, {{William Sargent,}} in {The Battle for
the Mind}. In other words, {sufficent stress led to a regressive
transformation of personality, to one more willing to accept the
views of the group, as manipulated by a group leader.} This is
the key concept, as we have stated, in all educational
brainwashing techniques.
    Since Lewin's early work on group dynamics, new techniques
have been pioneered at NTL to make the brainwashing process more
    Asked how a certified teacher was transformed into a grade
school ``facilitator'' at NTL, one of the group dynamics trainers
said that the methods had become far more sophisticated,
involving ``diversity videos'' and other ``instrumentation.'' A
great deal of time is spent on ``holistic brain centering''
techniques to stress the affective over the cognitive, based on
the pseudo-scientific ``left brain/right brain'' concept. This
includes hypnotically induced ``travel,'' where the mind appears
to separate itself from the earthbound body to the accompaniment
of music. Finally, group techniques are used to bring out strong
emotional feeling in the equivalent of ``spilling your guts,''
another way to undermine a teacher's self-conception as a
conveyor of knowledge through a dialogue based on ideas.
    In a 1973 book spelling out the history of NTL, author Kurt
Back described the laboratories' intensive involvement in
pioneering the education ``revolution'': ``Convictions about the
importance of sensual understanding as contrasted with verbal
understanding have brought some people into the movement to try
to revamp the whole educational system and put stronger emphasis
on sensual education and less on symbolic and verbal instruction.
Their educational proposals for the future would include having
people `really' understand their senses, having them work on
vision, touch and so on, using education much more for feeling
than for understanding.''
        - Esalen, a counterculture brain trust -
    If all of this sounds thoroughly bizarre, evil, and looney,
that's because it is! While the Tavistock Institute and even the
National Training Labs maintain a pretense of scholarship,
science, and respectability, the number-three think tank behind
the New Age education movement, the Esalen Institute at Big Sur,
California, wallows in the muck of the counterculture. Yet
Esalen, through its La Jolla, California spinoff, the Western
Behavioral Science Institute, has been running affective
educational programs in every public school in Los Angeles and a
majority of public schools in San Diego for years.
    Esalen was literally created as an outgrowth of the CIA and
British Secret Intelligence Service's several decades of
experimentation with drug-induced brainwashing techniques. The
CIA's project MK-Ultra, which flooded the universities and urban
centers of America with LSD and other psychedelic drugs in the
early 1960s, can be directly credited with the launching of
    In 1959, two offbeat Stanford graduates, {{Michael Murphy}}
and {{Richard Price}} (the latter fresh from a six-month stint in
a mental institution back East, where he was zapped with
electroshock treatments and heavy drugs on a daily basis),
attended Aldous Huxley's lectures at the University of California
Medical School at San Francisco and became converts to Huxley's
``human potentialities movement,'' the British Fabians' euphemism
for psychedelic drug-induced mind control. The Huxley lecture
series was sponsored by the U.S. Information Service and was
part of the CIA's MK-Ultra. Murphy and Price were steered to
other MK-Ultra operators, including British intelligence figure {
{Gregory Bateson,}} his wife {{Margaret Mead,}} and Stanford
psychologist {{Willis Harman,}} and before long, were hosting
weekend mind-bender seminars at a hot springs resort at Big Sur
which had been in Murphy's family for generations.
    That resort became the Esalen Institute, and within a few
short years, the center was running year-round courses in group
dynamics, psychodrama, Reichian sex therapy, out-of-body
experiences, and other experiments too bizarre to even describe.
Willis Harman, the psychologist whose late 1960s study ``The
Changing Images of Man'' would be the basis for the new education
movement, and who today is one of the leading consultants to
state education commissioners peddling OBE, delivered the first
lecture series at the newly formed Esalen Institute on ``The
Expanding Vision.'' In November 1962, Esalen sponsored a seminar
boldly titled ``Drug-Induced Mysticism,'' delivered by {{Dr. Paul
Kurtz}} and {{Myron Stolaroff.}} The two admitted LSD users had
created an MK-Ultra front called the International Foundation for
Advanced Studies to conduct their LSD experiments, and Kurtz was
a leader of the Theosophist Society for Psychical Research.
    By 1969, when the counterculture was reaching its violent
apex, none other than mass murderer {{Charles Manson}} made
visits to Esalen, spending the weekend there just before
deploying his brainwashed followers to carry out the satanic
Tate-LaBianca murders.
    For several years, Esalen was the home base of {{Dr. Abraham
Maslow,}} the founder of the Frankfurt School-linked self-
actualization school of psychology. For many years afterwards,
Maslow's leading student, {{Carl Rogers,}} played a pivotal role
at Esalen. Toward the end of his life, Maslow came to the
realization that his theories were all wrong, and were causing
enormous mental damage to their practitioners. Rogers never owned
up to the disastrous consequences of these brainwashing
techniques, and today is a guru of the OBE movement. In one of
his more insightful comments, Maslow said of Esalen: ``If Satan
himself came to Esalen, Mike Murphy would have invited him to
lead a seminar.''
    Despite this unblemished history of countercultural kookery,
Esalen has been as actively involved in the OBE process as NTL or
Tavistock. Willis Harman is today perhaps America's leading
educational ``change agent,'' devising blueprints for the schools
of the future based on economic projections of a post-industrial
America in which the majority of the labor force is to be a
docile collection of low-skilled clones.
    During the formative years of the ``new education''
offensive, the Ford Foundation bankrolled an Esalen experimental
program using group-sensitivity techniques on grammar school
children in public schools all over California. The findings of
that several-year-long study, published by George Brown in a
book, {Human Teaching for Human Learning}, noted that children
responded particularly well to some of the role-playing
techniques which, after all, were very similar to many children's
games. Brown felt the need to include a chapter, ``Proceed with
Caution,'' warning that the introduction of group-sensitivity
methods to the classroom proves to be more successful in
destroying pre-existing values and learning than in replacing the
abandoned values and knowledge with anything positive.
    Twenty years later, Brown's warnings about the effects of the
Esalen methods are a fitting epitaph to the American school
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