"In Japan, it is said that words of the soul reside in a spirit called Kotodama or the spirit of words, and the act of speaking words has the power to change the world..."

Power of Music Part 2


 Dr. Emoto's Hidden Messages in Water    

April 25 2004

Contributed by: cranky crow (alias Patty-Lynne Herlevi)

We live in revolutionary times and radical change creates discomfort. Our ancestors most likely didn't readily accept that the world was round after centuries of believing that it was flat. Today's equivalent of this type of radical thought can be found within the field of quantum physics. What if we are simply energy, vibrations and that we experience as solid and grounded is actually energy as well? What if we do create our own reality through our beliefs, which we rarely questions any longer? What if water has consciousness and what if water could record our thoughts through our vibrations? And if we go even deeper into this cosmic ocean, what if each individual has the power and the responsibility to create the world around them? Wouldn't that mean, that we need to become conscious of our thoughts and whether those thoughts create peace or feed the fire of destruction? And what would happen if musicians became more aware of the musically energy they release out into the vast universe?

Quantum physicists weren't the first humans to discover that the world is made up of vibrations. The ancient shamans/sorcerers could bend time, (soul) travel through multiple dimensions and speak of mental constructs that would easily blow the average person's mind. (Today, they still can). When an initiate underwent a death-rebirth process, they were actually facing the death of old reality. Facing symbolic death is as frightening as facing physical death. An initiate might feel that the ground they once walked has disappeared from beneath their feet. They might believe up is down and down is up. Certainly they wouldn't be seen as sane by an uninitiated person. The revolution that is surfacing on the planet at this time represents symbolic death on a grand scale. Many of us are seeing the world contrary to what we've been taught. But isn't it better to see ourselves as co-creators of reality? Isn't it better to become conscious of the energy we are releasing into the world through our music or our emotions? And isn't it time to focus on the task at hand, ushering lasting global peace? And what is the role of sensitive people and musicians? Incidentally in the field of metaphysics emotions are tied in with the water element.

Revolutionary times call for visionaries to reveal the mysteries of life. Internationally renowned researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto has gained worldwide acclaim by revealing the connection between water and the collective consciousness. Dr. Emoto's research with water crystals began with a thought and an open-heart. He explains the origins of his profound research in his latest book, The Hidden Messages in Water, "One day I casually opened a book to words that jumped off the page: 'No two snow crystals are exactly the same.'"

After pondering the significance of this sentence which only seemed elementary on the surface, Dr. Emoto considered that for millions of years all the snowflakes that have fallen onto the earth have been different. "The next moment I thought, If I freeze water and look at the crystals, each one will be totally unique. And that moment marked my first step on an adventure into a new and unexplored world." And one that would alter anyone who comes into contact with Dr. Emoto's research view on human consciousness.

Over time and after much effort, Dr. Emoto devised a method using high speed photography to capture frozen water crystals. The fact that crystals form in water attests to the presence of healthy energy. Polluted and chlorine-treated water revealed no crystals. When destructive words were either spoken to or typed on a piece of paper and taped to bottles filled with water either no crystals formed or the ones that did were clearly distorted. While Dr. Emoto's research delves into a variety of areas from water purification, to quantum physics, the use of prayer to purify water, this article will only focus on his research involving the energies found in different types of music. And since words, accompany music in many traditions, I will also touch upon Dr. Emoto's research involving words. However, I highly recommend reading The Hidden Messages in Water as a means of putting his findings with music in context with the research as a whole.

In the prologue of his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Emoto explains how the experiment with music began. The researchers would place bottles of water between two speakers while playing music at the volume humans would normally listen to music. They also used the same water from other experiments. They tried distilled water from a drug store. When researching the effects of classical music on water, Dr. Emoto and the researchers were astounded with the results. "Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, with its bright clear tones, resulted in beautifully and well-formed crystals. Mozart's 40th Symphony, a graceful prayer of beauty, created crystals that were delicate and elegantŠ

All the classical music that we exposed the water to resulted in well-formed crystals with distinct characteristics. In contrast, the water exposed to violent heavy-metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at best."

With the success of the music experiment, the researchers experimented with words. Researchers typed words such as "thank you" and "fool" on pieces of paper that they wrapped around the bottles. The result was that "thank you" formed beautiful hexagonal crystals and the water exposed to "fool" produced malformed crystals similar to water exposed to heavy-metal music. Many metaphysicians and scientific researchers have concluded that our words contain energies that vibrate at different frequencies. Dr. Emoto's research gives us visual proof of the effect of our words on us and the planet.

The Japanese have a unique view of the power of words. Dr. Emoto explains this in The Hidden Messages in Water. "In
Japan, it is said that words of the soul reside in a spirit called Kotodama or the spirit of words, and the act of speaking words has the power to change the world. We all know that words have an enormous influence on the way we think and feel, and that things generally go more smoothly when positive words are used. However, up until now we have never been able to physically see the effects of positive words."

We have also learned through human interactions that words hold the power to create or destroy. The words "I am" speak of God consciousness or the ability for each of us to create collective reality. And I have personally seen various individuals' choice of words do just that, create their reality. I have also witnessed that my own thoughts have led to devastating consequences . Perhaps this is why mantras from various spiritual traditions hold so much power because these words are repeated while a person is in a meditative state and most receptive to the influence of words.

But what happens when words are combined with music? And what about music that already has a hypnotic effect? Water appears to relate to the same words spoken in a variety of languages. When the water was shown the words, "thank you" in Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Korean, Italian and English, exquisite crystals formed. When it was shown "you fool" in Japanese and English, no crystals formed and "you make me sick," shows a shape that appears to be a man with a gun in his hand. So if water doesn't distinguish differences between languages then it must be picking up on emotions that accompany the words. And it appears to also be picking up visual images associated with our vibrations.

While Dr. Emoto has his own examples of how our bodies read frequencies, I want to give examples related to music. Visualize yourself at a punk show in a dark and smoke-filled club. Imagine that the musicians are shouting out volatile words and people are slamming their bodies against one another, in some cases provoking fights. Now, how does the energy in this venue feel to you? Do you feel uplifted or defeated? And how will you carry this energy in your body-mind-spirit throughout the next 48 hours? Will you be impatient with other people or will you be filled with compassion for all sentient beings? Please give an honest answer.

Now visualize yourself at a global music festival. You are outdoors walking between stages, viewing the diversity of people from other cultures dressed in vivid colors and costumes. You see people dancing to African music and at another stage, a captive audience takes in the sounds of Hindustani music performed on a sitar and tabla. And further off down the field on a smaller stage, a Native American a cappella group sings traditional music. Do you feel uplifted or defeated? How will you carry this energy in your body-mind-spirit for the next 48 hours? Will you be filled with compassion for sentient beings or irritated with everyone you come in contact?

If you have visited these two situations in the past and felt the energies of both experiences in your body, then understanding the hidden messages in water will become second nature
. It is a simple yet profound concept that water carries our collective consciousness and that through our words and our music, water can gage whether we are acting in a destructive or creative manner. Remember our bodies are mostly water and vibrate at a frequency based on our thoughts and our emotions. And while we can't change the fact that our bodies are made of water, we can become aware of our thoughts and how they create reality.

Dr. Emoto has traveled around the world lecturing and collecting water samples. A variety of photographs showing the effects on classical, rock, jazz and world music can be found in his books and on his web sites. And the water crystals display images that either describe the type of music, unique pair crystals form when exposed to Argentine tango and sad songs, such as a Korean song about the separation of lovers displays a water crystal with the image that suggests a broken heart. This leaves us with the question, does water have a spirit, a consciousness? And since humans are 70% water we seriously need to consider the words, thoughts and music in which we and others are exposed. Musicians, music lovers, promoters, journalists etc., need to stay aware of the effects of the music we create and promote to others.

Attending the WOMAD USA in 2001 changed my life. I had undergone a long shamanic initiation prior to the festival that caused me to be ultra sensitive, especially to music. As a shaman/musician I'm unable to provide concrete proof of the effects of musical vibes, but I have cleared negative energy out of a space by playing certain kinds of music. And I can feel the energies of the music that I review, most of which has left me feeling uplifted. I am astonished but not surprised at Dr. Emoto's findings in regard to music. His research dovetails my life work exploring the power of music and so I asked him a few questions via the Internet.

Has he tested Native American music yet on the water? He responded that he has not tested American Indian music yet, but plans on picking up a recording on his trip to Sedona this April and testing it in
Japan. I asked him what would happen if people turned off the news and attended a music festival instead? And he responded that there would be a lot of fun things (happening) all over the world. And is it possible for musicians to bring the earth back in balance by performing at outdoor festivals or performing near polluted areas? Dr. Emoto's response, "Yes, it is possible but only by positive and good music."


Now that we are armed with proof of the power of music we can no longer go back to living our life in quiet denial. Because we are responsible for the reality that we create, we can end suffering in the blink of an eye if we so choose to focus on joy rather than anger. We can dance to Brazilian music (for example) and embrace the beauty of our breath, the rhythm of our own hearts beating like samba drums or we can shout volatile words then wonder why we have fallen deep into a snake pit of despair. The choice is up to each of us.

The good news is that global musical community has chosen to usher in peace. For instance, 8,000 sacred drummers gathered in
Mexico on the 2004 spring equinox. They were fulfilling a prophecy of the Otomi Nation (tribal people of Mexico) that called 8,000 drummers to come together and begin planetary healing. Twenty-four hours a day, every day, musicians are gathering somewhere on the planet; celebrating and healing through music. This is what the indigenous people call "big medicine," especially now that we are conscious of the power of music revealed to us through the conduit, water.

Express love and gratitude for your life, your lessons, your talents and watch miracles transform the world around you. See your enemies as mirrors that reflect your disowned darkness and thank your enemies for the lessons they present to you. Once you do this your enemies lose their grip and you reclaim your power. As we stand on the edge of a radical global shift in consciousness, we adopt the role of a revolutionary and take music to the next level. Some day our descendents will look back at this era and treat our discovery the same way we treated the fact that the world is round and not flat as previously believed. Evolution did not stop with the demise of the dinosaurs and it continues onwards, expanding our minds, opening our hearts and bringing us closer to universal peace. Music is the map to take us there and water is the vehicle.

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