Bush Administration 'Distorts Science' -Report  
Wed Feb 18, 4:50 PM ET 

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Top scientists and environmentalists on
Wednesday accused the Bush administration of suppressing and
distorting scientific findings that run counter to its own policies.

They backed a report from the Union of Concerned Scientists that said
the administration had suppressed research on global warming, air
quality, sexual health, cancer and other issues.

The report said there had been a systematic effort to manipulate the
government's supposedly independent scientific advisory system "to
prevent the appearance of advice that might run counter to the
administration's political agenda."

"We are not ... taking issue with the administration's policies. We
are taking issue with the administration's distortion of the process
with which science enters into its decisions," Dr. Kurt Gottfried, a
professor of physics at
Cornell University and chairman of the UCS,
told reporters.

Russell Train, head of the Environmental Protection Agency (news -
web sites) under former Republican presidents Richard Nixon and
Gerald Ford, said that during his tenure "I do not recall ever
receiving a suggestion, let alone an order, from the White House as
to how I should make a regulatory decision."

"How times have changed," Train added. [...]

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