The Big Picture: Secretly Altering The Environment
Diane Harvey

What all the evidence is slowly but surely adding up to is a vast project, carried
out in secret, and consisting of a multitude of sub-projects, whose purpose is
to radically alter, at the very least, the atmospheric environment. This is being
carried out illegally, without the knowledge or consent of the very citizens who
are funding it. In this respect alone we are, I believe, looking at the largest
criminal act in the history of the human race.

Therefore the painstaking documentation of each possible aspect of this
program is of inestimable value. As we steadily come closer to understanding
the true magnitude and outrageousness of this deliberate secret transformation
of the very atmospheric envelope of the planet, we will need ever more careful
organization of our thoughts and materials. We began with chemtrails, and
following the tracks has led us to contemplating an almost inconceivably
complex, interconnected, multi-purpose, and criminally secret program.

Yet however complex, this illegal secrecy, combined with the unfolding picture
of a hidden group possessing both the means and the hubris to alter a
planetary atmosphere, must be exposed. This is already not only the greatest
imaginable subversion of the democratic process, but it may well turn out to be
the most perilous and life-threatening of all short-sighted quasi-scientific
military/governmental/corporate exploits.

It is beginning to look as if the actual purpose of all that we have been
investigating is nothing less than the actual physical transformation of the
earth's atmosphere in order to provide a platform for the latest
chemical/electromagnetic technologies of warfare, communication, weather
control, and control of populations through "non-lethal"
chemical/electromagnetic means. And what this portends for the future in
terms of any meaningful retention of human freedom, and even the very life of
the planet itself, is entirely unknown. Therefore it is not beyond reason to
suggest that unless this project is forced into the light of public scrutiny, by
means of the relentless efforts of a relatively few dedicated citizens, human
freedom itself and perhaps even all life on this planet may be at risk.

Diane Harvey

Posted on Jan 17 2001

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