Global Totalitarianism And The Death Of Nature - Part I & II

By Diane Harvey 4-2-1

The relentlessly purposeful relationship between the dark ruling minds of Earth and the agonizing death of the natural world is mystifying. What could possibly motivate the present owner-operators of this globe to allow planetary life-support systems to degrade into a state of toxic shock? The death-throes of nature intensify, yet the fatally destructive human operations causing this continue unabated on all levels, as if this was not happening, and as if this unfortunate state of affairs had nothing to do with human life. We must ask ourselves if those powerful and secretive men at the helm of this sinking ship, and therefore ultimately responsible for the massive poisoning of an entire planet, have therefore genuinely lost their minds. We wonder if such ardent devotees of greed have finally been overwhelmed and driven mad altogether by such a demonic master-vice. Are the ruling powers of this planet adrift then, without so much as the crudest rudder of self-preservation for guidance? Are we being carried along in a slipstream of utterly reasonless chaos, toward an irreversible fall into the abyss? There are other possible explanations. Perhaps this is happening because the pleasures of power and wealth are so intensely gratifying to those who fuse with such phantoms that reality pales in comparison. Maybe those who are steering current civilizations as if there was no tomorrow, and all those who are enjoying the cruise blindfolded, deeply prefer not to see what is happening all around them. We wonder how many there are who know or care about the actual state of their food, water, air, all the other forms of life here, and of the earth itself. It is somewhat difficult to overestimate the sheer magnitude of denial in the human race. Is the mental defect of the ruling demonocracy and its myriads of adherents merely the lifelong habit of sheer willful ignorance? It is always possible to develop a shield of such hardened egotism and implacable denial that even immanent self-destruction cannot penetrate. However, another type of insanity is even more strongly indicated here. The purposeful destruction of the world may serve a larger purpose. Consider the ramifications if the death of nature is a carefully planned, well thought-out and deliberate act by the faceless rulers of Earth. The forces of global totalitarianism may actually believe they can replace all natural forms of life with man-made simulations. We need only call to mind a portion of the vast array of recent advances in the scientific realm to understand the direction of the juggernaut. Simply consider the future array of replacement possibilities through genetic engineering, cloning, and nanotechnology. Why has there been such an extreme push to bring these new technologies out into the world, regardless of resistance, and despite complete lack of real knowledge of their long-range safety? The answer is that totalitarianism seeks literally for control of the totality. There are wholesale substitutes for nature, man-made fabrications composed of false versions of life forms and life processes, already being forcibly superimposed on natural reality. From food to animals to humans, the corporate-owned replacements for natural life are being unleashed. The darkest conceivable plan is at work here. In order to even begin to realize the full magnitude of this evil, it is necessary as never before to fathom what nature really means for the spiritual and material existence of the human race. Nature is free. The forces of totalitarianism have understood, that for this very reason, nature has to go. Until now, the dominant power structure has been unable to do anything about this dangerous oversight. Because not only is nature itself free, but it is the source of all practical freedom for our species. Nature is the living body of the world, the source of all human physical existence: the font of our health, well-being, material security, and individual freedom. The inconceivably complex web of life supporting us in this physical world is the literal bedrock of spiritual evolution for every soul on earth. Nature is our own free physical existence itself, and therefore is being methodically annihilated. The reason is because as long as the natural world exists and is free, there remains a dangerous amount of potential freedom available to human beings living in harmony with nature. The global corporate power structures, inextricably combined with their wholly-owned subsidiary governments, militaries, and educational systems, have minutely worked-out plans for the future of the human race. Even those of us who thought we understood just how evil these people are, have perhaps misunderstood the actual scope of their greed for power and control. Because it is appears that they have engineered the continuing wholesale destruction of nature as the greatest business opportunity of all time. They have in mind to completely remove humanity from God s creation, and to force mankind into total dependency on their replacements . And then to control us absolutely through these very substitutes for natural existence they plan to sell us. There are multilevel, multipurpose goals that would be simultaneously achieved by such an unthinkably diabolic program. Above all, the disappearance of the natural world would leave the forces of corporate/military/government as the sole custodians of the human race. Think of what it will mean if all human life in the future depends for its survival on the corporate simulations of natural life and natural processes. They may well be quite prepared to offer us solutions to all our problems , through selling mankind the means to exist at all after nature is gone. I propose that the forces of corporate totalitarianism are deliberately destroying this entire world in order to sell their simulated version of it back to us at a profit. And these pieces of fabricated technological substitutes, being fabricated, patented and owned by corporations, would be the means to implement a level of control and manipulation of the human race such as we cannot now even imagine. We can glimpse the gist of the future being planned for us by simply extrapolating from present developments. Corporations have already stated their plans to widely patent human genetic material. Obviously they have in mind to own all of our genetic material, and therefore our very bodily existences, preferably before birth. To achieve this they will offer all sorts of inducements to seduce the unwary: health , good looks , talents and abilities will be the bait. The natural desire of parents to provide the very best for their unborn children will do the rest, causing them naively and eagerly to swallow the hook. This plan for corporate ownership of the very bodies of human beings is already well under way. With further advances in nanotechnology, chemical, and electromagnetic manipulation, the potentials for intimate micro-control of the entire human mechanism from conception to death are staggering. And it is far from only the human kingdom that is meant to come soon under totalitarian ownership. Agribusiness and other allied corporate interests are determined to replace all sources of food from the vegetable kingdom with their patented replacements . What they cannot profit from through worthless substitutes , they buy outright- such as water rights around the world. Drinkable water itself will be very soon owned by multinational corporations and sold to us at a profit. However unbelievably outrageous it is that the last vestiges of nature and all natural resources are coming under totalitarian ownership, humanity as a whole is blandly accepting this as inevitable . And if we are collectively this far gone as a species, and so completely out of touch with reality as to passively accept having our very lives and sustenance stolen, it certainly will be inevitable. size=2 Then there is the little matter of the larger systems in nature coming under some sort of fancied harebrained control by a select and secretive portion of mankind. The United States Air Force, for instance, openly brags of its plans for owning the weather by the year 2025. This means that the arrogance of profit-and-control science has now dementedly progressed to include designs on the totality of all great natural world-systems themselves. There is no longer any rational limit to the thinking of those who steer this spaceship through space. They believe they can now eventually override every last part of the original software of creation and proceed to their own versions of manual controls. There are other aspects of this monumental world-grab underway that want thinking about. Corporations have accumulated most of the wealth on this planet by polluting it. The race to extract natural resources at all costs, regardless of effects on the environment, has left the earth, water and air far more disastrously poisoned than most are willing to realize. It is beginning to vaguely dawn on even average self-absorbed people that they are now increasingly, even dangerously unhealthy, and so are their innocent children. But perhaps all this misery and suffering in nature and humanity is merely the next carefully worked-out opportunity for the next stage of profiteering. It is entirely possible that one of the next great planned global corporate businesses will be the implementation of new technologies for cleaning up various types of existing pollution. Since all parts of nature are now dangerously poisoned, the potential for fortunes derived from purification of polluted materials and elements is practically infinite. Do such secret methods exist in the hidden pipelines of the same industries that caused pollution in the first place? Could these be offered at just the right moment to save us, at a very high price? You can judge for yourself if multinational corporations could conceivably be so intelligently evil as to understand they could make immense profits both by destroying the world and resurrecting it.

Diane Harvey


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