INFOTOXIN is "the pollution or degradation of our information environment."  It is "misinformation, propaganda, most forms of advertising, as well as the sheer abundance of mediocrity and consumption persuasion which assaults the mind from the face of the tube of the glossy pages of the high-glam magazine.  It is not necessarily a conspiracy to subvert the global mind but a systemic effect resulting from the net actions of many groups of like-minded people motivated by the same values and attempting to proliferate these values using an entire spectrum of modern mass-communication techniques." 


ALPHA INFOTOXIN is more qualitative than quantitative, and is basically the intentional or deliberate abuse of (mc)2 [amplified mass-communication] techniques as a weapon of psychological warfare or an instrument of manipulation and includes such aspects as "the manufacture of unreality", misinformation, fabrication of news, psychologically sophisticated advertising techniques, mind management, non-rational propaganda, the "corporate take-over of public expression", "setting the agenda" and the centralization/concentration of media ownership/control.


BETA INFOTOXIN is both qualitative and quantitative, and is basically a systemic effect/net result from the total action of many groups of like-minded people proliferating their beliefs using (mc)2 techniques and includes such aspects as information overload, "the manufacture of consent", the triumph of style over substance, the extinction of independent thought/critical thinking, the diminution of ideological and creative diversity, the suppression of dissent, the proliferation  of mediocrity and the distractive nature of the entertainment industry.


BIONOOPATHY is the parallel and synergistic degradation of our bodies and minds, individually and collectively, and our biological, psychological, and mental environments.


ISOCOSM is a theoretical state or condition that human life could create for itself.  This would be a world where everything would be exactly the same:  everyone would look exactly alike, because they would be clones;  they would all dress alike, because they would all see the same adverts and shop at the same stores owned by the same companies selling the same products.  They would all eat the same food, which really wouldn’t be food at all but stuff that looks like food all made from the same chemicals and genetically-engineered plants, which are themselves all identical, thanks to Monsanto!  They would pay for everything with the same plastic card which gives them the same credit on the same money in the same bank, owned by the same company that owns everything else.  They would all experience the same things because they live on the same planet which has become the same everywhere:  concrete jungle-like shopping malls and skyscrapers intertwined with highways and industrial facilities, and because they all watch the same shows on the same television networks and read the same magazines and watch the same movies and listen to the same bands, all on the same labels owned by the same company that owns all the tv networks and movie studios and publishing companies.  You’re starting to get the picture.  A world like this is really good for mass-marketing and control freaks.  How far away are we from this “eutopia”?  You be the judge.  AmericaTM is well on her way towards isocosm!!!