EARTH ON THE BRINK: We are all Co-Conspirators


We as humans are only one species of life among billions on this planet. The Earth is only one small planet in one nondescript star-system in one average galaxy among trillions in a universe of unknowable expanse. To the universe, the Earth is of microscopic insignificance; but to us, the Earth is extremely important. She is our mother, our Spaceship, our home.

Human civilizations have come and gone, and ours will surely be no different. But ours is still alive now, and we 6.2 billion humans are here now, embodying the possibility of fully conscious navigation of our lives and our planet.

Poised here on the brink of the unknown, we must assess that which is truly of value to us. We must do this with respect to ALL the beings and life-forms of the Earth, and to the Earth herself. In the same way we must also examine the costs of what we value most..

Americans probably more than any other society have achieved the freedom to pursue that which they value most in life. America has led the world in the pursuit of freedom, for herself and for other nations as well. But what is it that we truly want?

The Earth has supported a profound diversity of human cultures and societies, different belief systems, different ways of life, but the one thing we all have in common is that we are all, literally, co-conspirators in the web of life. The Latin root of conspiracy is "conspirare", meaning "to breathe together."

In this century we have witnessed an explosion in technological innovation and the manifestation of undreamed of science-fiction scenarios. We as humans have made remarkable strides towards solving global problems of survival and existence; but in so doing we have created a global military-industrial juggernaut which now appears to be running out of control.

We must assess that which we truly value. The one necessary prerequisite for human life is a healthy planet on which to live. By means of a variety of trends, activities and synergisms, the human enterprise has seriously undermined the health of our planet.

To me, this is THE most fundamental aspect of the current scenario. This is THE biggest cost to us for what we think we want.

Regardless of who is running the show: power elites, secret societies, shadow governments, "conspiracies", covert networks, trans-national corporations, the forces of "freedom and democracy", or whoever…the fact remains that we are all living breathing human beings on the same planet. We are ALL responsible for what is going on.

It is absolutely critical with this recent global wake-up call from the Great Spirit that we demonstrate by our thoughts and actions that what we truly want is TO HONOR ALL LIFE, human and non-human, ourselves and others; TO RECEIVE AND ACT ON THE HIGHEST SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE that we each are capable of; TO EXPRESS OUR UNIQUENESS while CELEBRATING OUR COMMON GROUND; TO BECOME THE CREW and NAVIGATORS OF SPACESHIP EARTH…not the sleeping and media-entranced passengers which most of us have become.

Chief Seattle warned us that whatever we do to the web of life, we do to ourselves. If the freedom to live our lives as we want is our highest ideal, then we MUST act now in ways which honor the freedom of ALL peoples, ALL life-forms on the Earth…our brothers, sisters, ALL OUR RELATIONS. The only true enemy is that within ourselves, the part of us which refuses to acknowledge responsibility for the well-being not only of our individual lives but for our planet.

J. Paul Serengeti