(written for Sarah McLachlan, Ashwin Sood, and Dan Cleland)


When I left America I wasn’t "leaving", I was just coming down under to check it out. But then in the post-9/11 climate I began to see that it was as if the Great Spirit had whisked me safely away before the shit hit the fan. I mean, for many years I had already been on "orange alert", and had gone "red alert" in the spring of 2001 when I learned of the navy sonar attack on the whales and dolphins; to me, this is really their planet.

Maybe in the back of my mind I remembered a warning given to me by my "conspiracy theorist" friend in Athens, GA in 1985: that the New World Order was going to stage a terrorist attack in the United States and use that as a pretext for turning America into a police state. And in 1996 when I was in Martha's Vineyard I met Spar Tharpe, who was the skipper of the Arabella, Hugh Taylor's katamaran (he's James' brother); he told me that the New World Order was going to do the takeover attempt in 2000 and that he was leaving the country! I didn't really take any of these predictions seriously, but indeed, it has come to pass. 

To me, it's all a global issue; it doesn't matter where you are, because we're all connected in the web of life. "Conspirare" in Latin means "to breathe together." We're all co-conspirators in the web of life, literally! It's kind of like, the Bush administration/NWO is to North America (and spreading) what human industrial civilization is to the Earth:  an invasive viral parasite, similar to cancer in the human organism, where the unhealthy cells multiply rapidly, stealing nutrients from and crowding out the healthy ones.

Jimi Hendrix said that "in ancient civilizations they didn't have disease as we know it..." Because what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves, since we as-a-whole are acting like a cancer on the Earth, we are seeing a rapidly increasing rate of human cancers.  I don't think it's going to drop away until we collectively are pulling back on the total damage we are inflicting on the Earth and all of her life-forms;  right now, we are showing no sign of letting up.   People are consuming more and more stuff, generating more and more waste, expending more and more non-renewable resources, making species go extinct, accelerating climate change and global toxicity.  Since Bush was put in (not elected...he was installed by an administrative junta or coup d'etat) any and everything related to protecting the Earth has either been dismantled or is under attack. One of the most dangerous aspects of the current scenario is the exponential increase in uranium mining and the revived proliferation of nuclear weapons, extending to the militarization of space. And can you believe that Israel is the fifth largest nuclear power in the world?

In addition to a profound sense of the sacred in nature, indigenous cultures have always had a much more long-term and cyclical world-view than western civilizations. The Hopi Indians of Arizona tell us that periodically the Earth cleanses herself of that which is out of balance with life; their prophecies have been excellently portrayed in Ron Fricke's film Koyaanisqatsi, a Hopi word meaning "crazy life" or "life out of balance."

When I heard Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya speak in 1986, around the same time the Chernobyl meltdown occurred, he said that at that time if we as a whole were to make a serious effort to pull back on our damage to the Earth, the "purification" would not be as severe as it might be. The Hopi prophecies said that at the day of purification, the Great Spirit would shake the world to remind us of our true nature;  that he would shake the Earth twice, with one hand.  The first two shakings were world wars one and two.  The prophecy continued, saying that if he had to shake the Earth a third time, it would be with BOTH hands.

Hindu mythology tells us that we're now at the end of the Kali yuga, a "galactic season" of several thousand years, an "iron age" in which humanity has sunk into almost complete materialism and identification with matter, and has almost entirely forgotten our true spiritual nature.

This same idea is expressed in the cosmology of the Mayans from Central America. All of these cultures acknowledge a cosmic cycle of around 26,000 years, which corresponds to the astronomically-recognized cycle called the "precession of the equinoxes." The date 2012 (which in Mayan is marks not only the end of the current cycle, but more importantly, the beginning of the next one. 

At this moment we're in a window of galactic alignment during which evolutionary energies from the center of the galaxy are streaming to Earth via the sun. These energies are creating an ascension process, a realignment of our whole reality with its actual, healthy vibration which we have gradually lost; these energies carry us to our next level of cosmic evolution. This is the "second coming of Christ" in a true sense. What we are witnessing is a separation of realities; the denser materialistically-centered "false reality" or matrix consists of all those souls who continue to live primarily in fear and greed and who keep the ball of the Kali yuga rolling; the other souls, and the Earth and all of her life-forms, are literally ascending in frequency into a new, true "reality" that will be like the Garden of Eden, the "kingdom of heaven", while the fear and greed collective will inherit what Jose Arguelles calls the "necrosphere", a world of machines and "life" completely unlike water-based life. The forces of global totalitarianism, death and destruction and the planetary "military-industrial megamachine" are the most extreme manifestation of the "fear and greed"-driven Kali yuga energies.

In terms of what has transpired in America since 9/11, it's just an amplified version of processes that began in World War 2, if not long before. Imperialism is as old as civilization; what we now experience is the latest version of what the Nazi's called the "weltanschauungskrieg", or "world-view attack", implemented by what Aldous Huxley called the "scientific dictatorship." Their diabolically ingenious scientists and strategists were incorporated into the military and research communities of both the US and the USSR, where they had unlimited funding and complete freedom to continue their work...how to take over the world not only through military might but more importantly, through deception and psychological manipulation; how to dominate everyone, control everything, kill off everyone you don't like, enslave the rest, and enthrone themselves as rulers of a new genetically-obedient "master race", while reaping vast profits every step of the way!

My concept of "infotoxin" concerns the weaponization of communication and the techniques of deception using mass-media. 9/11 is a textbook example of a psychological warfare operation. The basic idea is to stage or engineer a heinous atrocity on your own using your secret "terrorist apparatus", which may consist in part of people or groups who don't know who they're really working for. You make it look like it was done by who you wish to popularize as your new official "enemy"; then you go about instituting the changes and programs (a global police state, for example) that you wanted to achieve. This way you give the appearance of "coming to the rescue, combatting the 'axis of evil' and solving a big problem"; this Nazi tactic of the "big lie" gains popular support and maintains the facade of democratic decision-making!  It is economical, too, in that with existing levels of public indoctrination and addiction to mass-media, primarily television, you don't have to blow up more buildings...you just constantly replay the footage of what already happened and issue new "terrorist alerts" to keep people on edge. People who are upset and afraid are much easier to manipulate.

In other words, the vast majority of terrorist acts at any level are actually being sponsored by factions within the governments of the US, Israel, England, and other NWO strongholds. Al Qaeda = CIA = Mossad = Bin Laden = Saddam Hussein = Bush = New World Order. They're all more like puppets or actors in a highly orchestrated attempt to engineer what the public thinks of as "reality." The main goal is to keep our attention on their fabricated "reality" to distract us from using our extremely powerful innate abilities as creative and spiritual beings.

I know for a fact that most of the weird stuff in the world is on TV far more than it is in the real world.  All the rape, pillage and violence on the tube helps keep people afraid of each other; divide and conquer; desensitize and coerce. I know that in reality the world is a  very friendly place. When I hitch-hike I am in the REAL world in many ways. She is my friend;  she loves us! 

Regardless of prophecies and predictions, however, no one can possibly really know where it's all leading.  We are inflicting major pain and damage on the Earth and her life, including ourselves. Much of it comes about through the summation of daily activities we take for granted as "normal." What mankind does to each other is bad enough, but I think that it's what we're doing to the Earth as a whole that is of far greater impact.

The damage seems to be intensifying. Lots of people are waking up, but just as many seem to be retreating into denial and diversion. We're burning up fossil fuels at an ever-accelerating rate. Brutality is thrust in our face by all forms of mass-media. The whole world is under attack...by ourselves!

Is Mother Nature using us to destroy ourselves?  Is the Bush administration and the New World Order debacle nature's way of telling us that we've gone too far? It would seem that if we are not capable of regulating ourselves, globally speaking, as a species, that nature will intervene and do it for us. This appears to have happened many times in the history of the Earth. It appears already to be happening.

I think it very unwise to sit back waiting to be saved by the phantom gods of fictitious religious belief systems; indeed, religion has long been used as a massive form of disempowerment and psychological enslavement.  Jesus wasn’t a Christian, but George W. Bush is;  the pope is Catholic, and so were the Nazis.  And Mel Gibson!

I think that the Great Spirit is doing her best to wake us all up to who and what we really are: divine spiritual and creative beings who have been blessed with Spaceship Earth and who are intended to be her guardians and navigators, not the homo sapiens macro virus. We ARE the ultimate technology ourselves! The challenge before us is to remember who and what we really are.

In the 60's it was the artists and musicians who catalyzed the consciousness revolution, protesting the state-sponsored genocide and projecting the vision of peace and togetherness. John Lennon died for this vision. Today the world is in far greater danger than in 1969; weapons technologies have grown exponentially in number and destructive capacity; the planetary ecosystems are stressed; the sun is behaving mysteriously, and the magnetic fields of the planets are changing. Resource extraction is peaking as are toxicity levels. Forests are falling and babies deformed from DU radiation are being born.  Humanity is under a spell of apathy and fear. We ARE on the brink. But of what?

We have in place a massive global communications network that can reach tens of millions of people with the same message instantaneously. Right now the positive uses of this system are being undermined by the forces of centralized control and propaganda power. Our global nervous system is clotted with pus. If the forces of goodwill can somehow gain control of mass-communication as a whole, and rapidly shift the balance of information flow from the currents of death and destruction to currents of love, sharing and creativity, we MAY be able to avert or delay impending major catastrophe. If people can somehow be inspired through music and art-forms to FALL IN LOVE WITH THE EARTH, to make even small but real changes in lifestyle which reflect this love, to actually live the highest knowledge we already have...we may be able to experience a more harmonious and continuous transition into the post-2012 world instead of the catastrophic discontinuity which seems almost inevitable now.

"It would be incredible if you could produce music so perfect that it would filter through like rays and ultimately cure..." This was Jimi Hendrix's vision for the power of music. I am calling on artists and musicians everywhere to create forms of __expression which convey these messages and inspirations. The challenge is ours; WE are the citizens of planet Earth and she is the only planet we know of with life in the whole universe! We have to heal our relationships with ourselves and with the Earth herself and all her life-forms. We have to create whole new ways of thinking and communicating which reflect a broader understanding of ourselves and our home.

We are now within the window of galactic alignment.  Everything we think, do and say matters. This is the most important part of the entire 26,000 year cycle;  in the words of Barry Brailsford, "we stand at the greatest cross-roads ever reached by human kind." We are literally creating our own reality as I write this. We have to wake up because as a whole we're asleep at the wheel. There's no guarantee that humanity will still exist 26,000 years from now.  Extinction? Metamorphosis? It's partly up to us...but it's also beyond our control. What is happening here and now could be a unique experimental art-form of the Great Spirit.

But we have to do our best with what we've got. The universe can only help us when we've reached the limit of our own capabilities. Many of us are still fast asleep.


JUNE 2004