The tendencies towards imperialism and totalitarianism are as old as civilization itself;  what we are witnessing and experiencing today is the contemporary expression of these drives.  One of the main lessons these forces have learned is the importance of disguising themselves as friendly, helpful, honorable;  the significance of cloaking their real intentions behind veils of "freedom and democracy" and religious pretense;  to gain complete trust through total deception.

                        An outsider to all the behind-the-scenes machinations and secret agendas can only do his best to formulate a model for what is really going on;  this website is an attempt to do just this.  I cannot personally vouch for the veracity of this information;  indeed, who of us can...just about everything we think we "know" has been given to us by other people.  We take a lot for granted when it comes to what we think of as "knowledge."  What I am trying to do is present raw material to inspire others to dig deeper and synthesize that which is most salient and relevant.  Can we in fact know "truth"?  I am not certain that "truth" can be expressed in language;  but when it is obvious that our minds are under attack we must strive to become aware of what is happening.

                        What we are experiencing now, especially for the past two years in the wake of 9/11, would seem to be implementation of at "50 year plan" which began at the close of World War Two.  History tells us that "the war to end all wars" was largely due to the Nazis who, backed by American bankers and industrialists, assembled a formidable war machine and embarked on a path of total world domination, creating what Aldous Huxley called the first "scientific dictatorship."

                        In 1947 hundreds of Nazi scientists and researchers were imported in the United States and placed ubiquitously in scientific, research, academic,  and military positions.  What we are experiencing today...what seems like a full-spectrum attack on the human mind and independent thought using every conceivable strategy and technology...could be exactly that:  a weltanschauungskrieg or "world view attack" whose genesis reaches back into the dark recesses of Nazi scientist minds who had just been transplanted like a cancerous organ into the body politic of Uncle Sam. 

                        The attack manifests on many fronts:  sociological, economic, political, medical and ecological, for example.  Foremost, however, in the arsenal of fascist tactics is the psychological dimension:  mind control and manipulation using mass media.  Remember the scene the movie Contact where Jodie Foster realizes that they have received a transmission from an extraterrestrial intelligence?  When they decode the message the first thing they see is a's a picture of Hitler!!!!!!!!!!!!  "Oh my God...are the aliens Nazis?"  No...they had sent back to us the first transmission they had received from us:  the first television broadcast in history...the 1936 Berlin Olympic games!  The Nazis fully realized the power of this new medium of mass-communication, and brought this knowledge with them to America..."leader of the free world" and the world's sole nuclear power.

                        With the installation of the "son of Sam" as CEO of America, Inc. and then the "trigger event" of 9/11, the intensity level of the weltanschauungskrieg has been turned up to eleven!  24-7 we are literally terrorized by incessant mass-media pus spewed by rancid news anchors and talk-show "celebrities".  Entire countries are decimated based on fake intelligence;  entire corporations which are proven to be complete fictions go bust, at immense cost to tax-payers;  entire ethnic groups are labeled as "the enemy";  America soldiers showing all the signs of radiation poisoning are said to have "pneumonia."  Seemingly intelligent people actually ingest such insidious rot as "Big Brother" and actually believe the "News" which is little more than repetitive monotonic incantations of the worst stuff anyone could fabricate.

                        In 1983 I came up with a word to describe a lot of this:  infotoxin.  It is a synthesis of "information", which I define as "the understandable content of communication" and "toxin", which is a poison.  Interestingly, the Greek root is "toxon" which means a "bow and arrow," that is, a weapon.

                        Hitler said "Give me the minds of your children."  I say "regain your brain from external sources of 'authority' and control". 


K. Rubrick Shreddinger

September 11 2003




"The Age of Infotoxin" 

"The Genesis of Infotoxin"


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